Sunday, December 16, 2007

Red and Black

Here's my spread in Debby's Red and Black book. It's the last book for Round 1 of the Colour Me Silly Round Robin. Next year, things will change a bit -- we will send individual spreads to people instead of sending a book around. This will cut down on the price, and on the chance of losing books. We're still missing the 2 books sent to me in August. The tracking still says "Entered Canada August 23" Of course, I feel personally responsible because it happened in Canada. We still have hope and our fingers crossed that they will miraculously show up.
I thought that red and black would be so hard to work with. They weren't. It was fine.


Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

The feeling when any artwork goes missing is simply terrible. A RR I have been on for 3 years has had 3 dolls go missing including mine and Sharon's! ugh. I love your red& black spreads. I just wan to touch them.

Anonymous said...

I love this color combo and what you did with it!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time with your Lauren :)

Hugs from Beth

Jo Wholohan said...

love the depth in this martha, beautiful!!!!!

Maija said...

Wow! This red spread is awesome!!

Debby said...

Thanks so much for the gorgeous pages MArtha. I adore them and can hardly wait to see them in real.