Friday, December 14, 2007

On the first day of Christmas......

I am in 2 different swaps -- One is 12 Days "til Christmas, one is An Artful Christmas. I was a fill-in for the Artful Christmas because someone dropped out. That's how I managed to be in two!!! (not because I'm greedy, LOL) So, every day form now until Christmas, I get to open 2 gifts. Could I be more lucky than that????????

Here Goes:
An Artful Christmas:
Day 1 Was made by Chris Hoffman.... here's the wrapping .... it's in a box, and it doesn't rattle at all...... it has little gifties inside..... a pack of Christmas ephemera -- paper and the letter M and a wish tag... and then wrapped up was a letter M wish book and a wonderful ornament!! WOW! I can really use that paper -- I haven't made my Christmas cards yet........Thank you Chris! That M wish book is going on my little tree right now. I don't have my big tree up yet.

12 Days 'til Christmas:
This is from Tia , Miz Smoochie Lips....... The package is wrapped in vintage music, and it jingles!!!! It's a little birdie perched in a boot. It's so cute! It will look beautiful with my arrangement of natural holiday decor in my studio . Thanks Tia!This is too overwhelming. It's 7 am and I'm going to be late for work. Starting tomorrow, I'll open one in the morning and one in the evening.....


Donna Layton said...

You get to open 2 presents a day for 12 days??? That's 24 total gifties! Lucky.

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool. I'm in one 12 Days swap and got to open my first one this morning (a lovely blue and silver ornament).