Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday in the Hood!

If you are in Toronto this weekend, please come to visit me at the Holiday in the Hood Artisan Market! 

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Station Eleven

I have an obsession interest in books that have to do with the end of the world as we know it. I've just finished reading Station Eleven.
My other favourite books about Post Apocalyptic society were The Dog Stars (which I wrote about here), Oryx and Crake and the others in the series, The Road (too depressing), The Stand....

On TV I am fascinated by Walking Dead -- and my interest isn't in the zombie storyline -- it is the interactions of the people after the collapse of society. I thought that the short-lived  Revolution was going to be good -- but it dealt too much with the wars (the revolution) and the whys -- not in the "hows" (how to survive). I need to know how I will be able to survive come the apocalypse.

So, I'm not a survivalist (have you seen some of those survivalist websites???) But I hope that I would be somewhat prepared if it did happen. And Station Eleven makes it not seem so bad (except for that big fact that almost everyone in the world has died).

In Station Eleven a highly contagious and lethal strain of the flu sweeps the world and causes the collapse of civilization in a matter of days, leaving behind isolated groups of survivors struggling to come to terms with their new world. Much of the book follows a group of survivors (The Symphony) who are a traveling band of performers (Shakespeare!) who roam through Michigan from settlement to settlement. Parts of the story is told in flashbacks from the past -- throughout the collapse, up to the  "present" -- 20 years from now. It is a sad, sweet book, but it gave me much hope :). I would definitely recommend it!

And on a related note -- I've become a weee bit obsessed with preserving food!

(I love this book -- and especially love the tags on the jars!) 
Mr. B and I are taking a canning course through the West End Food Coop. We come home with about 10 jars every class (every two weeks). Last session we made quick pickles (i.e. not fermented) AND cranberry sauce. Up next is Pumpkin Maple Jam and pumpkin pickle. And this weekend I canned 10 jars of Apple Pie filling!  I am ready for the holidays!
So, if any of my friends are reading this -- please don't put canning jars in the recycling -- give the jars and the rings to me when they're empty (I am always surprised when I see them in the recycling -- re-use them, people!). Anyway, give me some jars, I will give you some jam. Win - win.