Friday, May 30, 2008

my little house

The new Sew Somerset came in the mail today! I have 3 different things in it!! How exciting! It never ceases to amaze me when they choose my work :) Click on the images for larger, readable sizes. And make sure that you go right out and buy a copy! In Toronto, make sure you buy it at Bizzy B's (better make sure that you call and reserve a copy!)(416-203-0433).

On page 14 is a fabric heart pin. It looks waaayyyy better in person.On page 97 is one of my Secret Garden tags --- similar ones have been on my blog before --- I really love them -- so I had to share. I love how it coordinates so well with Frieda Oxenham's work on the same page -- and I feel so honoured to be on the same page as Frieda -- her work is AMAZING! And finally on page 114 is my little house. I really did make this during all of the excitement of buying a house. I love this collage -- I can't wait until it comes home so I can frame it and hang it on my wall! We have decided to paint our front door black -- so my combo of many whites and black is really happening -- I just need those touches of red. How feng shui of me.........

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Settling in

I'm kind of getting settled in. I have one wall (it's about 20 feet long!!!) of my basement studio painted, so now I can set up my shelves along that wall and get to work!
The bedroom is almost finished being painted, so we can move the bed out of the living room and into the bedroom soon! Yay!
I'll add some photos soon. We moved the computer into the office, and somehow, once again, misplaced the cable for the camera.......
I haven't made any art since my last post. I'm having serious withdrawal......

Sunday, May 11, 2008

ATC Night at Bizzy B's

Last Friday we had an action packed ATC trade! The theme was Birds -- so I HAD to participate -- especially when I saw Colette's sneak preview on her blog..... So I dug up my box of bird ephemera (that goodness for my obsessive labelling of bins). But glue was no where to be found. And since I left it until the VERY last minute, no glue was to be purchased, either... So I found some Cavallini file folders (my backgrounds) and attached some various birdie ephemera by sewing it (luckily I have a lightweight Bernina that I set up on my kitchen table)(and even put it way when I was finished). Then I inked my edges (again, the obsessive labelling) and smeared on some paint. The paint story is funny. The electricians found a can of paint sealed in behind a wall. Almost full! So of course I had to use it. No paint brushes though, so I had to use my fingers! (no gloves either -- I can't work with gloves) (Is this giving you the heebie jeebies Ruth???). I'm pretty happy with my quicky ATCs. It's all thanks to Cavallini and their great papers though.... I made 2 favourites that I couldn't give away -- so here they are!
And here is a selection of the ATCs that I got in trade (some are Paris -- last month's theme). The above ATCs are by Susan V, Mary A, Daniza, Sandy, Kimberly, Bev, Ludgera, Colette, Jolanta, Irene and another one (Paris) from Mary because she swiped 2 of mine.....

If you live in the Toronto Area, and you want to trade with us, we meet at Bizzy B's (Stamp and Scrap store) on the second Friday of each month. Meet and Greet is at 6:30pm and we start the trading at 7pm. There will be demo following the trade. I'm not sure what the demo will be next month (there will be one, for sure). Is there anything that you want to see? That I can demo? LOL. June's theme is Asia (could be anything Asian -- Japanese, Chinese, India -- look at a map and see what you can come up with!). Our meetings are very fun and often include little yummy treats from the Store (thanks Barb and Tony!). You generally need about 15 ATCs -- and the cost is -- 1 ATC for the store's collection! Email me if you want to be put on our newsletter list -- and I try really hard to email out numbers of committed attendees a week before the meeting.

Happy Mother's Day!

I love you mommy! Happy Mother's Day!!! I found my rubber stamps AND my ink!

As you all know, I have moved. I still can't find my art supplies, but at least I'm not eating my morning cereal out of a mug anymore!
The electricians are still working on the house -- replacing all of the "knob and tube" wiring, and adding some more power outlets (some rooms had only 1). The previous owner had run extension cords through the walls for power! As soon as they are finished (some time this week) I'll paint my studio and move the shelves in. I'll be ready to rock by next weekend. What about the rest of the house, you ask??? Well, next weekend is a long weekend.... can't we paint the bedroom, the living room and my studio in one weekend? Well, anyway.... I'm happy to keep sleeping in the living room, as long as my studio is set up..... (we have the bed in the living room, so the electricians would have some room to move in our 8'x9' bedroom (with 2 doors and 1 window -- not any room for furniture other than a bed. I'm going to have a dressing area in my studio space... not sure what Ray is going to do, LOL.
I'll be doing regular blog posts from here on in! Ray found the cables to his camera, so I can add pictures -- but the scanner won't be set up until the workers have left and the dust has cleared.....