Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Click to scare yourself. Don't my teeth look just awful??? The really scary thing is that they are my real teeth...

Another (very) disappointing ipad issue

And this one is a biggie -- You can't upload pictures from your ipad straight to blogger. I hadn't tried blogging from my ipad yet because I hadn't uploaded pictures to my ipad yet. So I bought the camera adaptor for the ipad, and yesterday uploaded some pics onto the ipad. So far, so good. I downloaded a photoediting app and resized and edited the photos that I wanted (I hardly ever use camera RAW). Then I composed my new post -- but when I tried to add a photo, I hit a wall because there are content compatibility issues with blogger and ipad. You'd think that after 6 months this would be all worked out. But no. Wordpress has its own ipad app. But not blogger (perhaps that is because Google is coming out with their own tablet and wants us to buy one? not gonna happen here).

I'm experimenting with mail posting.

Blogpress has an app that will allow you do do it, but with extra steps -- you have to load your pics to Picassa, then grab them. And blogpress apparently won't let you use bold, italic or add links.... (I'm still researching Blogpress -- the app is only $2.99, but they all add up, you know? Having said that, I'll likely buy it and play with it this week....)

So, I'm a bit disappointed with my ipad. The 2 most important features for me -- reading ebooks from the library and blogging on the go, aren't supported. I'll still be traveling with my Kobo and my laptop.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos

Yesterday we traveled down College street to the ElMocambo. Upstairs was a super cool festival!
There was an escapist, a rockin DJ -- some burlesque dancers, a magician. And lots of cool shopping. I bought a hair clip made from a zipper, and some cool notecards and tags (did I really need these?) and I bought a Frida magnet from Carmi. If it wasn't for Carmi -- I never would have known about the event. Thanks Carmi! I hope that they do it again next year. I loved it. (In the evening there were bands. I'm too old for bands. They all happen after my bedtime)

left: dj misty (she has great playsits on her blog)

centre: red herring (fabulous burlesque)

right: magician gabriello pitman (So cute. So talented)

This picture is from Nancy's blog -- I was so overwhelmed,(and a bit tired) so I forgot to take out my camera!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Head of the Charles Regatta

Lauren is defending her title (with her 3 other oarswomen and the cox) of Lightweight Women's Four, this weekend in Boston. She works (trains) so unbelievably hard. I am so proud of her. Good luck Lauren!

(This is a shot of Lauren and Christina rowing last year -- I don't have a good shot of her in a four)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Why we needed a new comforter

When Mr Bs 19 year old son came to live with us, I put a puffy vintage green and yellow quilt on the bed. A few months later he says "Martha, that blanket has a hole in it" I said "Okay, bring it down, I'll put a patch on it" , thinking that I'd sew a sprinkling of vintage fabric leaves on it....

Ummmm, so here's the hole:

That's not a hole, that's a crater! All of the quilting thread is missing off of the yellow part.....

So I cut out the batting (hmmm, that's WOOL batting... I'll have to save that and dye it and needle felt it into little hearts)(no, I'm still not a hoarder).

Then I cut new batting (cotton) and pinned it all in.

Then I basted the opening down.

Then I pinned and re-quilted the layers. Hey! It worked! The original was hand quilted with embroidery thread, but I machine quilted this. And now I know that I can machine quilt right to the centre of a quilt...(hmmmm .... the possibilities........).

Then I sewed on two strips of fabric... I was planning to sew on the sprinkling of leaves..but I'm going to leave it like this.

Now it will be put away and used when there are guests...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hold the Presses!

I am rescinding that last comment that I made saying that I am a collector.
I have decided that I am instead a gatherer........
Yes, indeed... that is what I am.


On Sunday we went for another walk. We had to buy Mr. B's son a comforter (you'll see why tomorrow). Anyway, I also live a short walk from Walmart. I'm really big on "buy local" and "support Canadian" (hmmm, that tape and twine isn't Canadian, oh, just forget about that). but sometimes you just need a cheap comforter, and Walmart is just around the corner. Well, when we were there, we passed the tableware aisle and I spotted some really nice looking dishes! I really wanted the Anthropologie Fleur de Lys plates, but they're a bit too spendy (they cost lots in Canadian dollars)..... So I bought these! Luckily Mr. B was there to carry them. I do't know how they'll hold up over time, but I really like them. This plate makes my ham and cheese look really yummy, doesn't it? (16 piece place setting for $40) (They are Better Homes and Gardens "medallion")(plus some extra $s for some completer pieces like a platter, serving bowls and ice cream dishes). Let's hope that this cools that lust for the Anthro dishes..... Well, if I don't stop going to the website and looking at them, it won't :)

(no mom, I'm not a hoarder.... I'm a collector)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today is about TAPE!

On Saturday I felt well enough to go for a little walk. We had a lovely walk through Trinity Bellwoods park and then went to The Paper Place and Type. I am so lucky to live an easy 15 minute walk from such fabulous stores!
The Paper Place now sells LOTS of decorative tape!!! It sells many kinds that I have ordered online from Korea (like I used in these collages). And now I can just shop locally. Yay! (don't worry -- I'm sure that I'll still be shopping at Pretty Tape....)

The paper Place also sells Whisker Graphic's Divine Twine if you are in need of some bakers twine (see it here on the Whisker Graphics site)(and while you're there at Whisker Graphics online , check out the printables). It was really hard not to buy an assortment..... hmmm, it's a beautiful day today... maybe I need a walk?????

Speaking of tape though -- have you seen this tutorial? Julie K in Taiwan shows how to make your own faux Japanese masking tape. I'm going to try this out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ipad update :)

Now that I've found the Kobo app for ipad, I can read my Kobo books (haven't read any yet, so I can't tell you if there are backlit readability issues). I still can' t figure out how to read the library books....... (mr. B, the computer expert, said that I wouldn't be able to read the Kobo books. Big raspberry to Mr. B :) This is what happens when I have whole days to play on the computer.

The problem with ipads....

My ipad was an early birthday present from Mr. B. I think that I squealed and jumped up and down last week when he gave it to me. I find it incredibly annoying, however, that it doesn't support Flash. Pretty much all of the online magazines (independent ones) are done with Flash Media.

Another thing: it's really hard to touch type on the on-screen keyboard. I'll be buying a keyboard and dock really soon. And a camera connector. The ipad seems like a pretty economical alternative to a laptop. But after you buy all of those (necessary) accessories, it's not, really. I'm still jumping up and down and squealing though......

AND the worst part -- it can't read most epub books. How annoying is that? it is definitely not a replacement for the KOBO -- which will read downloaded books from the library. So now I have to carry around the ipad, the kobo and the cell phone. Yes, cell phone. Lauren bought an iphone and I got my cell phone back (after 10ish years). I'm not really into talking on the phone, but I love to text.... I feel so.... connected......

Anyway, I made myself a pretty ipad cover. I'm also making a little board with slippery fabric on one side and flannel on the other to slide into the case to protect the screen from bumps (slippery so it will slide in easily against the fabric, flannel so it doesn't scratch the screen). The little board can be used in all of my ipad covers. Good idea, non?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So there I was, on the operating table (before the surgery) and I was chatting to the orderly because he was telling me all about the super cool robot that was going to assist with my surgery (it didn't look Edward Scissorhandish at all). A woman came up beside me (I didn't have my glasses on, so I had no idea who she was -- they all had masks on) and she said "I'm just going to give you a happy needle" I said "okay" and turned back to speak to the orderly. Next thing I know I'm in a white fog and I hear "Martha, wake up, the surgery is over, you're doing well... blah blah blah" WHAT???? All I can think of is -- What a rip off. I didn't even get to count backwards from 99. That's my favourite part!

The surgical robot is really cool. Watch it make an origami crane here. You have to watch right to the end of the video. Amazing.

Off now for a nap.... maybe I'll actually have enough energy to journal on a journal page tomorrow......

Saturday, October 09, 2010

View from my bed

If you follow my classroom blog you may know that I am off work for the next 6 weeks or so. I had abdominal surgery yesterday -- but am home now and well on the road to recovery. It was REALLY REALLY hard to leave the kids on Thursday. And the parents and my coworkers. I work in a pretty great school and I consider these people my family.......

Hopefully I'll be able to make some art soon, but for now, I'm reading. I have school books, art books and novels. I've just finished Continuity Girl and a very light trashy novel called Bet Me.

I stuck some cards and pictures that the children made for me on the door (please ignore the purple -- I painted the room 2 1/2 years ago but haven't painted the trim or doors yet......). The cards and the pictures make me very happy!
(if you want to see a picture of me right after surgery -- go to my classroom blog after Saturday 8am -- I don't look too bad)
(my bedroom is teeny tiny -- less than 10x10 -- and it has 2 doors and a window. The only furniture in it is the bed, bedside tables and bookshelves. What more do you need? Oh, other than some cardboard boxes to sit my fan on..... Maybe I need a small bench here....)