Friday, September 26, 2014

A Fisherman's Office

Always looking for some photo ops,  I took Joanne to my friend Bob's "office" -- his fishing shed. I hope to take some more photos here next year -- there was too much to see!

Click on these -- they look fabulous enlarged.  Really!


Sadly, Bob's wharf was destroyed in a huge storm in February of 2012 . He has spend the past 2 summers rebuilding it. His big fishing boat is currently docked at the Government Wharf down the road (that's where I met Bob because I walk Andy out there every day :) I cannot believe how hard those fishermen work every day. Lobster season in Nova Scotia is from mid November until May. Imagine being cold and wet every single day.....


Old lobster traps.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia

After Joanne and I left Lunenburg, we headed to Blue Rocks, a mile or so away. Very picturesque and not as touristy as I though it would be :) I've been to Lunenburg many many times, but never out to Blue Rocks (likely because there isn't an ice cream shop there :) (or any shops for that matter)(not that I need shops...). It's beautiful there.....


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


My friend Joanne from near Kalamazoo, Michigan, came to visit me in Nova Scotia this summer. Yes way!
We spent a whirlwind 3 days being tourists on the south shore.

First up we went to Lunenburg. Lunenburg is a Unesco Heritage Site.

Lunenburg is full of beautfiully painted buildings. This first photo is from the town's website, the rest are my own. Click on the aerial photo to go to the Lunenburg site.

We saw the Bluenose II, which is featured on our Canadian dime:

If you ever go to Lunenburg, Eat at  Magnolia's Grill. I love the fishcakes there! and Joanne said that the Lobster Rolls were the best (or close to the best?) that she had ever eaten!

And a must-go to shop for handmade gifts is Dots and Loops. And The Makery if you like to make stuff. And Luvly if you like to wear stuff.

I also love The Fisheries Museum of the Atlanticin Lunenburg.  I didn't go this year, as I have been many times in the past.  Lunenburg also has a fabulous Folk art Festival every summer. Which I also didn't get to as I was alone at that point. And I don't drive.

You can see some of Joanne's fabulous photos here, on her blog.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Liberty Lanyard

Well, it appears that I stopped blogging -- I had a short hiatus. I was out... living....

Since I last posted I had a whole summer!  Over the next week or weeks I will try to catch up. I have so much to share. Some old news, some new news :)

First up:
June, 2014
I've been trying to use up fabric scraps. I have some beautiful scraps -- especially because my friend Meep gives me all of her Liberty scraps (well, the ones that are too small for her to make anything with. So, in June, I made my friend KB a lanyard. She's a teacher too and she loves clothes. And LOVES Liberty. She left my school (sniff sniff) and has moved on to teaching at a different school. I miss you KB :)

Anyway, I need to make larger things out of these scraps. This certainly wasn't a 'scrap buster' as they say in quilting land....
* as always, please click on these photos to see them larger!*

(thanks, Miss L, for being my model)