Monday, January 31, 2011

14 Valentines in 14 Days!

I saw that a few other people out in blogland were doing similar challenges. Well, I love hearts, so how hard could this be? We'll see......
Starting tomorrow I will make a Valentine each day until Valentines day. I'd make them to give to the kids at school, but they would rather have a card with a Disney princess on it or a Transformer.... hmmmm....... I have an idea......

Saturday, January 29, 2011

One World One Heart 2011

(you can click on the above image to learn more about One World One Heart)

A warm welcome to my blog to all of the One World One Heart visitors! I am a kindergarten teacher and an artist by day and night! I work in "narrative mixed media collage" which really means that I use many different media to create my art -- and I like it to tell a story. I use a lot of fabric in my work -- and usually some text. I love vintage papers, fabrics and trims! My work has been published in many Stampington/Somerset Publications (see the sidebar) and also in some books. This year I have challenged myself to make 14 Valentines in 14 days (starting February 1) -- so please check back to see my Valentines over the next few weeks and let me know what you think of them!

I love visiting people around blogland -- I have over 200 blogs on my daily read list. Many of these I have discovered through One World, One Heart. I do try to visit all of the One World One Heart participants -- whether you are on the list or whether you leave a comment.

To thank you for visiting my blog, I am having a giveaway! I will be drawing names for two of my recent fabric creations.

First -- a collaged fabric pouch. It's a linen base with scraps of various fabrics on it. It's fully lined and is about 5" square and does up with a snap.

Secondly I am giving away a heart banner. I know that it's too late for Valentines day this year, but I have mine up all year round.... It's made of tea dyed cotton muslin and felt hearts.
Please leave a comment in the Comment Section of this post. This giveaway is open to all active bloggers worldwide! I will pick the winner on February 17th.

Thanks for visiting! See you soon!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work in progress......

I've been making a lot of collages lately -- but most are for publication so I can't show them :)
This one has a lot of handwork in it -- I've developed a liking for hand sewing lately.....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

cute little pouch

I was taking a little break from report cards and I thought that I'd make a new cover for my ipad. It's exactly the same as the old cover, but a bit bigger. I had to buy a holder for the ipad to made it less slippery (I needed a little lip so I bought this), but it wouldn't fit in my beautiful cover. Darn. So while I was at it, I whipped up a little pouch. I think it is SO CUTE. I'll be making more of these..... with some collages or trims on them too..... hmmmm... the possibilities..... I put a snap on this one, but I can do velcro, buttons or snaps. I can even see it a bit larger with a strap to be a purse! (this one is about 5"x5").
I get really creative around report card time. Procrastination.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oops! The giveaway!

I have been so busy!
And , since I have 9 extra technique pages -- I'm going to give one to each person who left a comment (before January 10). I'll be contacting you all shortly :) Congratulations!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


For the next few months (and beyond if I'm still motivated), I'm dedicating Tuesday nights to Photoshop. Right now I'm taking Marie Otero's Digital Magic 3. I'm (re)learning the basics. I keep "learning" over the years but I keep forgetting (so, obviously I haven't learned well).

One of my favourite things to do is to make a photo b&w and then bring parts of the colour back. Here are Lauren and I at her graduation.

(oh, and by the way, I'm growing my hair back out into a little bob again. I'm feeling too manly lately.....)

Monday, January 03, 2011

Mixed Minded

There is a local art Art event happening near Toronto in May. It's called "Mixed Minded" and it is being held in Kitchener from May 27-29.

The teachers are:
Claudine Hellmuth
Carmi Cimicata
Nancy Donaldson
Sandra Spagnuolo
Donna Funnell
Deb Kopeschny
Lois Sander

Care to join me?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Art Unraveled 2011 -- and a little giveaway

Art Unraveled is the best possible retreat for me. It happens in the summer when I am off work, and I get to visit my wonderful friend Maija in Phoenix!

Registration for AU begins January 10. The event is August 1-9, 2011. My registration will be in the mail on Tuesday! (you have to register early to get the classes that you want)
I am so torn when choosing classes because, inevitably, there are two classes that I want to take at the same time. Here is what I am hoping to take this year:

Tues:Briar Rose Shrine Pendant (Diana Frey) or Bottle Cap Beads (Melissa Manley) (I want the pendant, but I want to learn how to make the beads....)
Tues Evening : Dremel Applications - Thomas Ashman
Wed: Non Trad. Forms (Susan Lenart Kazmer) or Wood collage Totems (Karen Michel)(so torn between these two)
Thurs: Monoprinting on Fabric (Jane Lafazio)
Thurs Night: Addicted to Tape (Kelly Kilmer)
Fri: Sketching and Watercolour for Journals - Pinecones and Pods (Jane Lafazio)
Friday Night : Creativity Exposed (Ruth Rae)
Sat: Podheads (Lisa Renner)
Mon: A Day to Dye For (Lorri Scott)
Mon Night: Party Animal (Olivia Thomas)

This will give me a bit of jewelry, a bit of fabric and a few extra fun classes.

Here is the giveaway part :)
Every year at this time I participate in the "Art Unraveled Techniques Fatbook". I had to make lots of 4x4 pages showing a technique that I learned last year at AU. I chose Ruth's class "The Journey" and the technique that I learned was "fabric and transparency manipulation and alteration" -- I love Ruth's classes!

Anyway, I made a few extra 4x4s and would like to give some away..... So answer this question in the comments. (okay there are two questions). Do you go to art retreats? Why or why not? I go because I love taking classes, and I love seeing my bloggy friends. I see it as my vacation (mental and physical) and I save up all year to be able to afford it. Some years I can't afford it. Then I stay home :). I'll choose a few winners on January 10th!

Want to create your own mini - retreat? Seven of us have a little one in Niagara every year. We worked together with Sandy Camarda to create this book:

You can buy one on her blog! Right now there is free shipping!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

My New Years Eve

We hung out with friends at my house. We listened to my fave music of 2010 - Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Phoenix.... It was a wonderful, relaxing evening. Do you like my fire?

Happy 2011 all!

Happy New Year!

For the past few years I have joined many blogger in choosing a "word" for the year. In 2009 I chose "meander" .... and I did meander through the year :). Last year I chose "remarkable".... although 2010 wasn't particularly remarkable...... well, I made it through the year anyway...

For 2011 I have been thinking of so many words...... but I think that my word this year will be "content" To be content with what I have and what I am :) . To "grow where I'm planted" . Well.. maybe that isn't such a good example because I will be posting tomorrow about the fabulous art retreats that I will be attending this year).

I am content in my world. That sounds wonderful doesn't it?