Sunday, December 09, 2007

and the winner is.....

#14 !!! That is..... Dawn Supina!! Dawn -- I'll mail one of the lovely zetti angels out to you tomorrow! Dawn has been very busy lately writing a novel :) [how'd that turn out, Dawn?]-- so this little angel will fly over to her in Edmonton and flitter about until she posts more of her fantastic art on her blog!
As for me -- I've finished up all of my swap commitments for 2007. I just need to make a few Christmas gifts and one RR book spread! and bake cookies. And do the holiday decorating. That kind of relaxing stuff....... I'll be posting images of my Christmas ornaments this week and I'm very excited that the 12 Days gift openings will start at the end of this week -- my blog will be full of fun stuff for the next month!!!!

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Pearl said...

I really like this twig tree idea, it looks really special with all your pretties on it. I've been lost in your blog for over 2 hours now. I just love your art!! Can I put a link to your site on mine? Thanks Pearl