Sunday, September 18, 2011

Still squeezing in some creativity

In between being terribly sick (bad cold) and all of the necessary school planning (split grades = lots of work), I made a new lanyard today! It's for my classroom key and my other necessity -- my lip balm :). A whistle and my school ID will go on there too -- last year's version broke in half.

My old lanyard was about 10 years old and was starting to fall apart. So I made a new one. One that is very "me"! I don't expect it to last 10 years though. So I think that I'll make an assortment of them and wear them as jewelry. I'm not sure if you can see from the photo, but I've hand sewn some buttons on there, in addition to some of my favourite abc fabric scraps and other text fabric. And of course, lots of tea dyed muslin and cheesecloth....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A bit of art

Now that I'm back to school, planning takes up most of my time. I still try to make some time for art though (and I have some projects coming up later this fall).

This one is brand new. It has a painted background with paper layers but the tag on top is encaustic.

The collage at the top of the post is watercolour mounted on canvas. It was originally part of a book spread, but the person who it was for dropped out of the RR, so I added a few details and then mounted it on a black canvas.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Weekend Away!

Mr. B won an award at work "The President's Club" Award, so we went on a trip with 8 other couples (including the company president).

Our day started at Chudleighs Apple farm.

We picked an apple or two and then ate lunch.

Then we walked around and looked at the farm animals (aren't they cute?)

Someone making a donkey out of herself.....

I like llamas!

Then we traveled on to Stratford... did I tell you that we were in a party limo? Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it.....

Then we checked into our hotel room, then went out for dinner. My meal wasn't all that photogenic, but Mr. B's scallops were!

Then we traveled down the street to the festival theatre to see Camelot. I'm not a big musical fan, but I love the story, and I really enjoyed watching Geraint Wyn Davies as King Arthur. (I've had a secret crush on him ever since Forever Knight, lol)

The next day we went out for brunch and had a bit of free time in Stratford. I found a fabulous clothing store, Resonance, and could have spent many hours and thousands of dollars in it. I'll be back there for sure...... There was a beautiful coat that I didn't buy... but I'm still dreaming of....

Then we waited for our limo back to Toronto. And we waited and we waited and we waited. The limo driver (not the one from the day before, a new one) had picked up our luggage at the hotel, and was driving our luggage back to Toronto. WITHOUT US! Sheesh.

But look what I found while we were waiting.

Justin Bieber's star. He's from Stratford. So hey all of you young ladies... I touched the star that Justin Bieber touched. I am so cool.

So we made it back to the big city a few hours late. But it was worth the trip :)