Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the second day of Christmas.....

First of all -- Lauren comes home from France today!!! Yay!!! We pick her up this afternoon. Although, we are having a winter storm warning. Yikes, I hope that she's not delayed somewhere.... And then tonight, we go to my cousin Lisa's 40th birthday party. Happy Birthday Lisa!This is my pretty little tree. The tree is getting fuller, but what is under it is getting sparser! We'll go and get a real tree tomorrow. I'm still waiting for lots of ornaments from swaps, so I'll need the big tree! And I got lots of ATCs at my ATC exchange last night that I'll be hanging on the tree. (as you may be able to see from the photo -- there is something terribly wrong with my camera. The tops and the bottoms of all of my pictures are blurry. Even if those things are on the same plane. Nikon says that there is no problem, but I think that the lens is tilted or something. I'd send it back again -- but it takes a few months and makes me crabby.

Okay, now the fun begins:
12 Days 'till Christmas:This one is from Karin -- I love brown paper packages (this is actually tissue)-- the ribbon is so soft. Inside is a wonderful journal -- it's so pretty. It has been altered and has lined pages inside. I love the flowers on the front. I'm going to keep this one beside my bed as my idea book.

An Artful Christmas:This is from Melanie Becker in Germany. The clothes pin on the wrapping clips on the tag -- it is very cute. Inside is a gorgeous hand-made book. The binding is made from skewers.The pages inside are blank.

Now I have new journals for the year. One for pictures, and one for ideas!


dawn said...

am so in love with this post.
your tree & table is packed full of goodness.


Joanne Huffman said...

How wonderful that Lauren is coming home. Your tree looks wonderful with all the loot. Your Christmas treasures are lovely - I see great journaling in your future.