Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jewelry Making!

I think that I forgot to show this wonderful necklace. I took a jewelry class from Ruth Rae at Artfest. It was the BEST CLASS THAT I'VE EVER TAKEN! I learned how to use a jewelers saw properly and to make my own rivets. I'm taking a class from Susan Lenart Kazmer at ArtUnraveled in August, so I'm sure to improve on my jewelry making abilities.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More from Niagara

I only took a handful of pictures, so I had to wait until everyone else had posted their pics so I could borrow them -- and you've likely all seen these from the other girls blogs, but here are some of my favourites.
The little gifties that I made -- candy buttons and pincushions (you can buy the candy button molds at Bake it Pretty -- and download the packageing images too!)
Gifties from Nat: (there was a stress relieving bath set too and a yummy yummy bath bomb)Earrings from Viv:Sachets made by Sandy (they are our blog banners!!!!!!)Us holding the dollies that Maija made for us:M is for Martha and Maija:
Maija holding the journal cover that she made in our bag class:At a yummy Greek Restaurant:The drowned rats at the falls:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

This is my daddy holding me when I was just a few weeks old. Thank you Dad!!! I wouldn't be here without you. You've taught me so much - everything from patience to power tools. See you next weekend!Ray and I thought that we'd spend the day out on the Toronto Islands -- just hanging out. Well, due to public transit hell, and thousands of people in line for the ferry, we just sat on the grass at the waterfront and looked at the islands. Compromise. My life is all about compromise lately.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sew Somerset 4!!

I'm in here again! Yay! Isn't the art journal on the cover brilliant? It's by Jane Eileen (fabulous blog! -- go and see her work!) This time I have 2 articles. One is a how-to on purses collaged with images of your own art. I wasn't too thrilled about the photos of my purses
(sorry -- for some reason blogger will only publish these photos sideways, lol)

(but I guess that I couldn't do any better at photographing them) and the other is an article about my found and gathered ATCs that I made last summer:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girls weekend out!

I managed to get away from report cards for a weekend, and have a fabulous time with 4 other wonderful women! Maija, Natalea, Vivian, Sandy and I imposed ourselves on Niagara-on-the Lake (well, perhaps the imposition was high in the sky above Niagara Falls....)
Here are our gifties (so fun!!!)This is the softie that I made for our softie trade (I'm just loving bunnies)Here are all of our softies together(and did I tell you the one about the teacher who was teaching a purse class and her sewing machine dies? I didn't? Oh good.... because that was me)

These are some of the pincushions that I made for the girls -- not quite finished in the picture.
more pics coming soon....