Monday, March 09, 2015

Valentine Swap

Vivian organized a partner swap for Valentines Day.

I sent to Hope of Pixie's Ponderings, who lives in the UK.

Sadly, she hasn't received her parcel yet :( I am going to make her a new box this  week... and resend it. I'm still hoping that the original will arrive, but I will be sending a replacement box, regardless. (I'm so sorry Hope!) (I will send Valentine and spring themed)

I'm showing it anyway....

a heart banner....

some friendly rubber stamps...

a little house ornament, some tin hearts, a book page paper heart garland......

a heart inchie (back right)...
a heart ornament with hand dyed additions and some hand stitching (linger)

and a hand printed card

There were also many other goodies that I can't remember.
Vintage valentines from the 70's....
Edibles too! (conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts, a candycane heart,  gingerbread cookie hearts)

This is what Hope sent me!

So many goodies! A banner, some ornaments, an altered jar -- that giant clip is so fun! It's hard to see the cool crackling on the middle heart -- and there is a spool of ribbon to the left. Oops -- I left something out of the photo too -- some washi tape, but I was using it :)

Some doilies and a fabric pin (have worn it many times)!

Some altered blocks -- love these!

Thank you again, Hope -- and thank you to Viv for organizing the swap.

Sunday, March 08, 2015


Hey, look. A puddle. HEY FOLKS, SPRING IS COMING!!!!! 

But, to be realistic, I turn around and I see this.....

( look carefully, there are swans!)