Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the sixth day of Christmas.....

12 Days "til Christmas:This was a BIG box from Cerri with a window so we got a peak of what was inside. It was so enticing. The wrapping is wonderful! All pink and frothy just the way I like it!! After I finished admiring the tag with the sparkly M, I carefully opened it and inside was this spectacular princess birdie in a nest "Princess Noel" I love her! I had actually seen one of these in Cerri's etsy store and wanted to buy one, but didn't get my act together before it was gone! She looks beautiful nestled in my tree!
The Artful Christmas:
Day 6 was me!!!
I made some quilted pins -- from an idea that I saw in Somerset's Holidays and Celebrations (they were ornaments). I used some vintage quilt pieces (left over from the days when my mom had her antique shop) and some vintage lace and scrim. The text is from a Trixie Beldon book -- I use the Trixie books often because they say such amusing things! The wrapping looked way better when it got a bit distressed in shipping.


Viola said...

Your pins are so gorgeous!
Love them all! Happy Holidays!

Holly said...

Love, love, love them! I will be in contact about your technique! Beautiful work Martha!

Catharina Maria said...

I wish , i wish ...i live in the Netherlands ;o)
They are BEAUTIFUL !