Monday, February 27, 2012

What I'm coveting today :)

I can't stop thinking about these shoes. green or eggplant. ..........sigh.......... maybe all of my shoes will wear out at once and I'll HAVE to buy new ones :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

29 in 29

I've had a hard time keeping it up on weekdays, but I've been filling my bags on the weekends -- and getting rid of things! The house doesn't look any less full though....

I got rid of a box and a bag of art supplies at the Bizzy B's used stamp sale. Unfortunately I brought home 2 bags -- mostly books and some punches. Yes, I spent some money, $69. But it was all used and super cheap :) And most of it is going to school! (I did say at the get-go that I would buy used items from yard sales and thrift shops -- this counts :)

Other things that are leaving or that have left:
Bag for Goodwill
Bag for a Woman's Shelter
Box of Books for my School's Book Sale
Bag of broken computers
Bag of old food from my fridge, sadly
a set of 3 chairs
I'm going through more stuff today to toss -- February is almost over and this challenge was a great SUCCESS!

Have you read what Jenny Doh is doing this year? She is wearing the same dress every day to raise money for For more than 20 years, has been finding long-term solutions that involve buy-in from local community members within developing nations to find ways to support sustainable ways in which water can be brought to people who need it.. Read about it here! I love the black dress that she is wearing -- she is layering it and accessorizing it differently every day. If you follow her blog you will see how she makes it look different every day. I wonder how sick she will be of it by February 13, 2013? I'm not sure if I could do that, but I would definitely try, if I was raising money for a good charity. Here is a picture of Jenny in her dress:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Song For A Winter's Night

It was cold here today. We've had such a mild winter that I'm not used to it. Tonight I am going to be snug and cozy inside.... and happy that tomorrow is a holiday! Family Day.
But for tonight, here's a song for Mr. B .....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obsessing over....

Striped socks. I think that I am going to start wearing more striped socks.

I need black and white and red and white. I can make them, but I need thinner, storebought cotton ones too.... I'll ask for some from Santa next year :)

Mr. B made me these lovely ones for Christmas.. (note -- these aren't mine -- these are from Ravelry, but mine are just as nice!)

Source: via Martha on Pinterest

Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Faves Friday! Favourite Clothing Stores

I'm not buying any new clothes this year, so, of course I am lusting over EVERYTHING. I always wear leayers. They are just... me....
My favourite places to buy clothes are:

1. Anthropologie. I swoon over it all!

(I love this jumper from Anthro - click on the pic)

2. The Gap -- all of my jeans come from here. Perfect Boot and Forever Skinny.

3. Banana Republic -- T Shirts -- So soft and fabulous quality!

4. Free People -- love these clothes more than any other.

5. Treehouse 28 on etsy --The best custom made tshirts and dresses!Link

There are always so many clothing designers at the One of a Kind show that I love too. Susan Harris makes the best repurposed sweaters

Sunday, February 05, 2012

This week at the library

I'm still working at blogging through the phone . Please be patient with me. Typing on the minuscule keyboard is ridiculous!

I'm finding so many great books at the library. Push Stitchery is fabulous. If you like surface embroidery, you'll love this. Go take it out of your library!
All of these were great to look through. If I was going to buy one, it would be Practical textiles Techniques ( almost hidden on the right). I'll take it out of the Library again for sure.

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Coffee, tea and hipstamatic

Mr. B and I were playing...

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Five Faves Friday! Sweet Treats

Although I'd much rather eat Salty Snacks, sometimes I get a craving for sweet...
My Favourite Sweet Treats:
1. Licorice Goodies (Good & Plenty) / black licorice / licorice allsorts
2. Poptarts. Seriously. Must be toasted.
3. peanut butter cookies
4. pralines
5. beer nuts

Thursday, February 02, 2012

29 in 29 -- Day 2

Day 2 was a bit related to Day 1. Bubble wrap. I'm cleaning out a drawer. The next bag will be foam packing sheets. Is anyone moving? Anyone need foam packing sheets? The kind that you wrap around plates? I'll also ask on freecycle -- I have a lot of this :)

The bubble wrap is going to a teacher at school who would like it for her kids to pop. It will be a "de-escalation" device. When they need to calm down a bit, they can pop bubbles instead of, say, punching someone :) This has DEFINITELY gone to a good home :)

I'll pack up some fabric bags this weekend. Maybe even sew some fabric bags for the fabric to go into :)
Oh, and I'll also be packing up a lot of rubber stamps and craft books to go to Bizzy B's annual Second Hand Stamp Sale, which will be held this year on Saturday February 25 from 10 am-3 pm. Come early for the best deals :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

29 in 29 -- Day 1

so, here's the premise:
get rid of 29 bags of stuff from the house in 29 days.

I read about the idea on my friend Don Maddon's blog. He and his wife Susan call it the 30-30. Take 30 bags ( size of your choosing) and number them with the date that you are starting, until you run out. Then each day fill a bag, and get it out of the house. Could be garbage, recycling, donations to a thrift shop. whatever. As long as it leaves the house!

My 29 in 29 is so named because I'm doing it in February, and this year, February has 29 days. Following Don's lead, I will be using the clear bags that you get produce in at the grocery store. I've used masking tape to label each one. I'm sure that at least one ( likely more than one) of these bags will have fabric scraps in it. if you are in Toronto, keep checking my blog -- I'll likely have some kind of cool assemblage materials available to give away! First people to ask for them, get them :)
My stipulation is that all 29 bags must be full and out of the house by Feb 29 at the latest.
So, why aren't I using garbage bags, or at least larger grocery bags? Hello people! I am a HOARDER, Baby Steps okay???? Mr. B had the gall (THE GALL!) to make fun of the bag size. But some of the bags will be larger. None smaller though.

So Day #1 is a bag of bubble envelopes. They are going to a new home with a friend who sells a lot on etsy and doesn't mind re-using envelopes (yay! recycling!!!)

(hey! I used a big bag here -- they wouldn't all fit in a little bag! I'm off to a great start!)

Don't worry -- I'm not going to take pictures of it all :) Although these hipstamatic pics are kind of fun, aren't they?
I have part of this weekend set aside for art, so there will hopefully be some pretty things coming soon!