Monday, December 31, 2007


I generally don't enjoy celebrating the passing of time and my aging...... but this postcard was too pretty to keep to myself........... well, perhaps it needs some glitter......

Friday, December 28, 2007

Books I got for Christmas -- add them to YOUR wishlist!

being spoiled, I got lots of books. And they are all my favourites (that's what the amazon wish list is for :)
This Amy Butler book is wonderful!!! It's kind of like Shappy Chic with extra cool fabrics. And I know that there's a store on Queen St that sells the fabrics. But I'm not allowed to buy any more fabrics until I move (self imposed rule). Better find a house fast......
Amy Butler's Midwest Modern: A Fresh Design Spirit for the Modern Lifestyle

by Amy Butler (Author), David Butler (Photographer)

Gothic & Lolita is really fun. I occasionally see girls dressed up like this in Toronto, but it's rare.
Gothic & Lolita
Gothic & Lolita by Masayuki Yoshinaga and Ishikawa (Paperback - May 1 2007)

Journal Revolution is great for sparking new ideas. Unfortunately, I'm not in a journaling RR this year. Maybe I'll have to do a personal journal.... yeah, right, as if that's gonna happen...... (I have MANY personal journals. They all have one page journalled in them)
Journal Revolution Rise Up & Create Art Journals Personal Manifestos & Other Artistic Insurrections
Journal Revolution Rise Up & Create Art Journals Personal Manifestos & Other Artistic Insurrections by Linda Woods

I didn't get the Corey Moortgat book for Christmas, but it's one of my favourites from this season, so I thought I'd add it.
Art Of Personal Imagery Expressing Your Life Through Collage
Art Of Personal Imagery Expressing Your Life Through Collage by Corey Moortgat

Still waiting to be published:
True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling

by L.K. Ludwig (Author)
1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages and Inspirations

by Dawn DeVries Sokol (Author)

Art Making, Collections and Obsessions: An Intimate Exploration of the Collage Work and Collections of 35 Artists

by Lynne Perrella (Author)

and of course:
Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Projects to Create & Share

by Kelly Snelling (Author), Ruth Rae (Author)
(because I'm in it, right?)


Christmas went by too fast this year. I didn't make (or send) cards. I didn't have my solstice party :(. but I did manage to get the tree up (thanks for all of your help, Lauren!) and Ray and Lauren made my cookies for me. Somehow, I lost my photos of my tree before Christmas, so I'm uploading it today. I'll keep the tree up for another week. Even though every time I brush against it, the needles fall off (they are just balancing on there)(I buy uncultivated trees, and they aren't well know for keeping their needles) But I like the Charlie Brown look of them, and I feel like I'm rescuing them. I don't know if I will ever have a fake tree. Except a twig tree. Or a vintage feather tree. I can handle those..... I'm off now for a chai and some ginger shortbread and to read a book in front of my pretty tree. Ahhhhhh, Christmas is over.... time to relax........

Oh, Andy

Here he is killing the son of the dead guy...... and gloating over it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Son of a Dead Guy

You may remember the dead guy from last summer. He was my pup, Andy,'s plush toy. Andy pretty much destroyed the dead guy so the dead guy ran away. I documented his departure..... So for Christmas, Andy got a new dead guy. Son of a Dead Guy. I love making these. Andy loves chewing them up. It's all good.
*** it took him less than 15 minutes to destroy the poor Son of a Dead Guy. Andy tore his face off. I couldn't bear to photograph it. Andy doesn't get any more stuffies. Sorry, Andy ***

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I made this collage for my mom for Christmas. It's a collage of her mother, Lillian. The photos aren't of the grandma I remember (in my head, I remember my grandma looking like the current Queen Elizabeth or the former Queen mother) This is the elegant grandma Lillian who I didn't know. But I remember her likeing bluish greens, and that she loved to sew -- that's where I got my love of making stuff! So, really, this is the grandma I remember.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

On the Twelfth day of Christmas....

Happy Christmas one and all!! (I'm posting remotely today, LOL)
The Artful Christmas:
oops, I forgot to photograph the wrapping..... but inside is something that smells so decadent!!! It's a wax ornament from Patrice. Oh, it smells so yummy! Not just like beeswax, but maybe extra added yummy scents!
12 Days to Christmas:
again, I forgot the wrapping photo.... but inside is a wonderful collage with a hanger. WOW I think that Kari used a vintage photo folder, and embellished it and put a picture inside. Beautiful!!!!
Thank you everyone for making my holiday season so perfect. I am one happy blogger!

Monday, December 24, 2007

On the Eleventh day of Christmas...

Happy Christmas Eve!!! Here's what my tree looks like :)

The Artful Christmas: I'm not sure who this was from :( I can't read the signature..... could someone please let me know in the comments who's it is! ** I just found out that it was made by the very talented Angela Hoffman (sorry Angela)**
But I love the pillow box wrapping!And inside is this sweet fairy! Isn't she cute -- and she has a prime space on my tree
12 Days to Christmas:
Was from me!!!
Here's the wrapping:
And inside was a bracelet that I made from bits of fabric (vintage and new) and vintage buttons and ribbon. even my daughter likes these!!! Here is a little look at the process:The bottom bracelet is just the fabric bits on top of the base. The 4 at the top have been stitched down. (click on the image to see it better)
Then the finished bracelets:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

On the tenth day of Christmas......

The Artful Christmas:Brown paper packages are my favourite!!! I LOVE this wrapping from Stefania. And inside was this pretty dress ornament!

12Days to Christmas:
This wrapping is so pretty-- it's German book text, vintage ribbon , and a little embellishment. Very simple, very perfect!
Inside are pretty earrings from Marilyn! (photo coming soon....)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

On the ninth day of Christmas...

Martha was sick and tired......
An Artful Christmas:This tin from Rashell is so pretty! Inside was a pretty silver bracelet -- I'm going to attach lots of charms to it and fill it up today!
12 days to Christmas:
Plaid!Pretty plaid.... from Jeanne.Inside, not one, but 2 spectacular gifts!!!! The first one is a shadowbox ornament (bigger than it looks -- it's about 4x5 and has a plastic window and lots of glittery stuff inside!). My tree is looking so beautiful with these spectacular ormanents!But it's the next one that made me cry....
It's a soldered ornament with an image of my blog banner on it. This means so much to me Jeanne, thank you! My art, and Heather's banner wizardry, and your soldering expertise. (What a great way to commemorate our blogs). AND after Christmas I'll keep it out too.

On the eighth day of Christmas.....

Martha was getting sick.......
12 days to Christmas:This was Heather's day! The wrapping was perfect for my mom's chili Christmas, but unfortunately, it didn't make it under the tree!
Inside was an apron! And Heather says she can't sew! Obviously she was out and out lying!!!! This is wonderful! I can't take a picture of me wearing it because it's the middle of the night and everyone else is asleep. But here's a close-up of the collage she did on the bib of the apron:The Artful Christmas:This little bag is from Vivian.... what's inside?This little snowman. I love it! I have no idea how she made it (papier mache?) but it has that vintage german feel that I love (like those grinning jack-o lanterns). This little guy is already on my tree. He looks pretty happy there.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the seventh day of Christmas....

Martha was very tired......The Artful Christmas: This candy cane wrapped gift was from Pat. I love the snowflake tag! Inside was an ATC book full of ATCs -- this is fantastic -- and so much work! Thank you Pat!

Twelve days 'till Christmas:Donna wrapped it up in plaid wrapping... and inside was the collage! I've already put it up on my wall! It has lots of glitter and pink german scrap. Perfectly perfect..........

On the sixth day of Christmas.....

12 Days "til Christmas:This was a BIG box from Cerri with a window so we got a peak of what was inside. It was so enticing. The wrapping is wonderful! All pink and frothy just the way I like it!! After I finished admiring the tag with the sparkly M, I carefully opened it and inside was this spectacular princess birdie in a nest "Princess Noel" I love her! I had actually seen one of these in Cerri's etsy store and wanted to buy one, but didn't get my act together before it was gone! She looks beautiful nestled in my tree!
The Artful Christmas:
Day 6 was me!!!
I made some quilted pins -- from an idea that I saw in Somerset's Holidays and Celebrations (they were ornaments). I used some vintage quilt pieces (left over from the days when my mom had her antique shop) and some vintage lace and scrim. The text is from a Trixie Beldon book -- I use the Trixie books often because they say such amusing things! The wrapping looked way better when it got a bit distressed in shipping.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the fifth day of Christmas....

The Artful Christmas:
This one was from Holly -- the hostess of the swap. It was wrapped in a gift bag -- I think that she stamped on the motif on the front -- I'm really likin' it. Inside was a beautiful resin filled tin -- it's a magnet! It's too nice to put on my fridge though....Twelve days 'till Christmas:
This was from Tammy Gilley -- All wrapped up in pink tissue with green leaf ribbon (my favourite Christmas colour combo!) Inside was this gorgeous vial full of wishes. I'm going to glue in the cork and screw in an eye and hang it on my tree. Right Now.