Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

Last night, from 8-9pm we turned the lights off and turned off all of our electrical appliances (except the fridge and aquarium filter) in celebration of Earth hour. Did you participate? What did you do?? We got snuggly with candles. My friend Robin toasted marshmallows over tea lights. It was a nice night. Ray and I decided that we're going to try to celebrate Earth hour every Saturday night. Power down. Reduce. Relax.
In the spirit of reduce, reuse, recycle -- here are some ATCs that I made a few years ago. Everything on the ATCs was from a walk down the city street one Saturday morning. I called the series "Walking Papers". The top 3 all use the blister packs from gum (lots of those on the sidewalk). They are much more 3D than they look. All I added was some paint and some rubber stamped text.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is it spring yet?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, but the mountains of snow on the garden are still there.....This is a bird that I made for Patti's hidden treasures book. All of her pages are to be bird shaped (she provided a template) -- and the wings are pockets to hide goodies in!!! They are about 7" long. One "hidden treasure" is a button fairy -- I've never made one before -- but I think that I'll make more to hang on the Christmas tree next year.... The other treasure is hidden. Patti has to wait for the birds to fly home until she sees it!
I'm definitely going to make more of these!(32 days until the move-- today I'm preparing things to give away on Freecycle. Don't worry -- it's nothing you want)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hippity Hop, Easter Swap!!!

Mine came a bit late, so I didn't even have to wait to open them! None of this "One day at a time nonsense" I got to rip into them all, at once!!! Here's a picture wrapped, then the next two are unwrapped. Wooo-hoo, this was fun. I peeked online at what I was getting. Yes, I admit it, I cheated. If you want to see WAY better pictures than mine, go to Jenny Everyday's blog for March 15,16 and March 24 it has all of the pictures, close up. It's a big job, so I'll just let you look at Jenny's loot. Mine was pretty much the same :) Thank you everyone!!! (2 gifts are still coming separately -- I'll blog them when they come!)

Please click on everyone's names to go to their blogs or websites to see some incredible eye candy!. Most of these very talented women have etsy shops or sell throught their websites, so go visit those too! (again -- go to Jenny's site to see really great photos)
The fabric wallhanging is from Jeanne; the Easter Doll is from Debra Schoch, beautiful glittering crystal earrings are from Karin ; the SPRING in a glittery tube is from Beth Quinn; and the Easter cake wall hanging is from Jenny Everyday!(the feathery wreath with vintage millinery flowers is from Heather K ; the basket with bird and nest is from Holly ; the little walnut bunny shrine is from Shosh from Hannah Grey (and a beautiful glass birdy, but I couldn't get a good photograph); the Easter shrine is from Heather Bluhm)and finally -- this is the pin I made!
Hoppy (belated) Easter!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pink Marie

I made these for an RR, but ended up sending different pages. So I might frame these... or send to someone else. The "tarted up" Marie is an image by Anahata -- and I continued it onto the page -- extending the lines off of the collage image. It's mostly Anahata and a little martha. Anahata doesn't sell her collage clip images anymore. I'm glad that I picked lots up at ArtFest last year!!! Sadly, I'm not going to ArtFest this year. I'm moving instead :)p.s. 36 more days until the move. Paper is sorted(in boxes), rubber stamps are sorted (and all in boxes and drawers). Next up? all of those little bits and pieces -- you know, a head of a doll, pretty little stones, little silk flowers -- all those things that litter the top of my work table..... and all of my art books and magazines (sniff, sniff).

More Marie

Lisa had a GIANT RR book. The pages were bigger than 8x10 -- I never measured.... Her colours were blue, purple, magenta (or was it maroon....?) and teal. These photographed a lot darker than they really are -- but I like them -- they look so rich!

When Marie Antoinette was young -- she indulged a lot (like most young people!)-- as she got older she didn't so much -- but by then, it was too late -- her reputation was set..... so read into these pages however you like, LOL.p.s. 37 days until the move -- today I will be organizing art supplies. I'm trying to gather a box of art necessities to keep out -- you know -- just in case I need to journal about something. It's very amusing when I go to pack up something that I haven't used in 2 years, but I'm reluctant to pack it away for a few months because "what if I need it in the next few weeks?" Sheesh.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Silver Belle

The theme for Linda's pages is "Silver Belle" -- (using an image of a woman renowned for her beauty -- also using silver in the composition)
This was a struggle. I kept adding more and more and more -- it's a bit fuller than usual for me. What I struggle with most is balance. If I don't get balance right off the bat, I keep adding little thinks to achieve (visual) balance. Then, all of a sudden, I tip the scale and it has too many little bits. Then it didn't look silvery enough so I added the glitter. Then I remember that many people don't like glitter in their books. I hope that you're okay with glitter, Linda!!! After all, it's silver glitter...........I chose an image of Marie Antoinette. La Belle Femme. She'll be featured throughout the week in a few different spreads for different RRs.

p.s 43 more days until moving day. Oh Crap. It's getting close. Less art. More pack.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ATC Night

The theme was dolls.
I thought that the one I made might creep some people out. But no, everyone wanted one!
She's a Creativity Doll. You stick the pin into her and get all creative.As a backup I made some prettier dolls:And I had to accessorize for the evening!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Michelle's Ocean Book

First I made these backgrounds. I used Julie's methods from her Journal tutorial (see her Feb 25 post in her blog, then work forward from then!). Of course I had to add some extra coffee staining and then some more white paint. I knew that I kept that bottle of instant coffee for a reason!!!! (see my fear of hoarding post from a few days ago).Then I added some images and a bit of stamping. This was fun, but I'm still really behind on my list of things to do for March Break!!! (the finished pictures look a lot darker -- they really aren't, but when I was taking the final photos the flash kept making the images glare, so I bounced the flash. And made it darker and out of focus in the process. Oops.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My long-lost daughter

Lauren finally updated her blog (only exciting for family). My baby isn't a baby anymore. Here's a picture that I stole from her blog. Her friend Agnes (Lauren's roommate here in Toronto) visited her in Nantes. Agnes is teaching in Southampton, UK. Aren't they beautiful???? It was a night out on the town. Lauren is the one on the left. I miss her terribly.
(48 days 'till the move)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woo Hoo!

I have finished and mailed my 2007 taxes!!! This is the first time that I've done them on time, EVER!!!! I've also made my ATCs for my meeting with the ATC Hive at Bizzy B's on Friday(I'll post them Friday). I've also been working on stuff for publication that I can't show you.
It's spring break -- I have 2 more days to play!-- here's what i'm tackling next (see, Audrey, I told you that mine had potential for avalanches! Hmmm, I think that the top of my harvest table will need refinishing before I use it as a kitchen table again (um, mom? can you remind me how to do that????) Obviously, this blog will never be a candidate for "Artful Blogging" or "Where Women Create" Howabout a book called "A Real Person Creates here" I'll take another picture on Saturday. We'll see if there is any change :)
p.s 49 days 'till moving day.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Countdown to Moving -- 52 Days

Will I be finished packing? (Will I be finished all of the art that has to be made?) Stay tuned for the saga of Martha's move...... Oh, I move every few years. It always gets moved. There will be many tears and more than a few arguements. But this year we have 3 apartments of stuff to move. All in one day. You see, Lauren and I lived here. And Lauren moved out. Then Ray moved all of his stuff here. Then Lauren moved all of her stuff back. And took off to France. So Ray and I will be moving it all. On a Wednesday! Anyone have any good back strengthening exercises??

On that note, here is my journal page for the month. The topic is FEAR. Okay, maybe not my biggest scariest fear. But this one is more timely. The fear of getting rid of stuff. The verdict? Don't. hahahahaha. My mom is rolling her eyes big time right now as she reads this. I think that this page is more cluttered that my pages usually are. Oh well, so is my life....

Friday, March 07, 2008

You ALL make my Day!!!

Debby and Sandee both awarded me the "You Make my Day" award. It has taken me awhile to pay it forward.
Here are Ten people who make my day -- I go to their blogs regularly -- anxously awaiting an update!(other than Sandee and Debby -- I go to them too -- but here are 10 more!) I go to lots more, but here are a few.....
Ruth Rae -- always inspiring!
Catherine Witherell -- you never know what new medium she's going to tackle next -- and she excells at every single one!
Maija Lepore -- Maija has a great mix of her art, her life, and her finds from other people (gifts and purchases)> I learn something new every time I visit!
Colette -- beautiful beautiful fabric collages -- looking at them takes my stress away...
Sara Lechner --very very cool felting.I really want an embellisher!
Dawn Houser -- A very cool and entertaining blog -- and I keep stumbling across rubber stamps in my own collection that have been designed by Dawn. Go right now and buy one of her Urban Aprons. They are so cool!
Heather Simpson Bluhm -- where she finds the time to make all of her gorgeous art, and make everyone cool blog banners, and take care of her darling little, is beyond me. She's Wonder Woman! Even though she's always getting me into some kind of trouble.....
Audrey Hernandez -- I practice really hard, so that maybe someday my rubber stamping will approach the perfection of hers!
June -- June puts a smile on my face in every single post!
Julie -- from The Land of Lost Luggage -- is a fairly recent addition to my daily sojourns. She has some really cool journaling tutorials. I have learned a lot from her journaling.

I go to lots more blogs regularly (see sidebar) and love the new ArtFul Blogging Magazine because I have found so many new blogs to add to my favourites!
I wish that these people would blog more often
Teesha Moore
Cori (LOL -- I know that you've been busy)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hidden Treasures

Although I'm not doing any swaps for awhile, I am still honouring my RR commitments. Here is the beginning of my fabric book -- in a themed RR called "Hidden Treasures". Pages must have something hidden for the owner to find -- maybe in a pocket. My book is called "The Secret Garden" These pictures don't really do it justice.......

This is my cover. There is a key hidden in the pocket/pouch that says "secret"This is what you see when you open the door. A young couple having a secret liason, LOLThis is the grafitti wall for each person to sign!Here is the full page with the young couple. there are lots of little things hidden behind netting, tulle and organza. I put some paint on the pages for some extra texture. It really helped finish the page for me.The nest is a little pocket. I put a stamped ticket inside for each member of the RR -- it's their ticket into the garden.Don't I procrastinate well when it's report card time???? LOL

Monday, March 03, 2008

Art Fiend

I made these kind of pins for lots of friends for Christmas a few years ago. Mija's popped off somewhere (at an art retreat, I think!)(I hope that someone found it and is enjoying it.....) Anyway... Mija asked me to make her a new one -- it took me a really really long time to finish it. Yes, it is supposed to say Art Fiend, not Friend. Because Mija is such a fiend!!! (not at all!). She sent me lots of goodies in return (not necessary at all, Mija!)(but I loved it all). If you get a chance, check out Mija's new etsy shop -- she sells lots of cool ephemera! (and she sells some of her art too) Just click on the link below!
Mija's goodies to buy!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yippee - i - o

Or should that be yippeeeee --- I owe ? That would be timely......

Anyway -- I had a terrible time with Penny's theme (horses) and colour (brown). I am terrified of horses (only to be surpassed by my fear of skiing and of public bathrooms). And although my name is Brown, and I wear brown, I'm not too fond of working in it. I just told myself that "brown is dark white" and then I went ahead...... here's what I came up withI learned a lot about horses while doing this. Well, my guilt of ripping up books usually means that I have to read the books before I cut them up. I skip this with foreign languages. That's why I use German and Polish text so often..... it saves me a lot of time.....
Penny's pages were all tip-ins. I'm not sure if I like tip-ins or not....
(that's when you make your own page and add it to the book -- usually using the side tabs which the book owner provides)