Monday, December 17, 2007

On the fourth day of Christmas....

The Artful Christmas:
Rachael from New Zealand sent this one!!! Wrapped in a beautiful sheet of music was a NOEL Banner -- I have already put it up in my entranceway!!! I was going to bring it to school to put it up -- but I have a student named Noel and there's already enough confusion this time of year about his name!!
12 Day's 'till Christmas:
Holly's gift to me was wrapped in two different pieces of beautiful vintage wallpaper. The picture that I took of it didn't turn out. Inside was a gorgeous beribboned frame. It has wonderful glass glitter around the edges. I am trying to pick the perfect picture to go in it (see the little ribbons in the corners of the rectangle to hold a photo?)


Maija said...

Great stuff, Martha!
I am freaking out that you haven't received the ornie I sent you, yet!

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Oh yummy. Love the frame Holly sent. Its fun seeing the variations. Great banner!! Woohoo