Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Paul and more!

It's time to read online magazines again!

Sweet Paul -- and don't forget the Sweet Paul blog either!

Rue is a new one!

I haven't read the whole Aug/Sept Lonny yet and its new website is fantastic!

Why you're here -- does anyone know where (if?) you can get Anthology magazine in Toronto (it's new and I want it). You can look at a preview here. From the website it looks like you have to order issues -- but has anyone seen it on a newsstand?

Friday, September 24, 2010


Omiyage is an online Canadian source for Japanese tape! Woo Hoo! And fabric too! And lots of other cool Japanese stuff! The rubber stamps are too cute!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

sleep talking

So, Mr. B talks in his sleep. I usually wake up, reassure him quietly that the killer bunnies are all gone, and then fall back asleep. Here is a recent dreamy conversation after I returned from a middle of the night visit to the bathroom.

Mr B -- "Oh, good, it's you"
Me --
(thinking to myself, ummmm, who else would it be, it's not like there are 7 other wives involved here)
Mr. B -- "I always know it is you by your hairy legs"

Me -- "WHAT???"
Mr. B -- "It's okay, don't worry, they keep me warm"

Hey folks, my legs aren't that hairy -- just a teeny bit of stubble. I can't believe that his subconscious thinks that I have bear-like legs that are capable of enveloping him in a wooly hug. Sheesh.
Here's a picture of the offensive legs. Or cuddly bear legs.And how about one of my new super cute haircut, while I'm at it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I made some time at the end of the summer to make some ATCs for the "Back to School" themed exchange at Bizzie Bs last Friday.
Here are mine:

Here are the group's:
It was good to see everyone again! (and I really missed the people who were away)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cabbagetown Festival

I've had a busy few weeks getting ready for "Back to School". This weekend I took a bit of a break and made the annual pilgrimage (by streetcar) to The Cabbagetown Festival. If you live in Toronto, and have time today -- head on over to Riverdale farm for the excitement .There was so much that I wanted to buy! And remember too that the Queen West ArtCrawl is next weekend -- with the art sale in Trinity Bellwoods Park on Saturday and Sunday.

I just loved this booth -- the tree and leaf canopy is all fabric. Isn't it great?The booth is Patouche -- Kessa Laxton makes the most adorable children's clothes. And now that my cousin has just had a baby, I'm really into children's clothes! (please click on the links and visit the artist websites). I think that Patouche will be at the One of a Kind Show too. Thanks Kessa, for letting me take photos'of your fabulous booth! (and I'm so sorry that I didn't get better pictures of the clothes -- your website photos are stunning, so please everyone, go here to look at the clothes -- and the fun pirate hat!)

My other favourites included:

Liz Kain's Jewelry (I own many of her rings -- and this time picked up a Hamlet one -- "We know what we are" (and hidden on the inside =-- "but not what we may be")

Lauren Blakey -- ceramic artist
I didn't buy one of these, but I might have to go back today -- I can't stop thinking of them! This is brick size -- and the one that I liked was pale blue green -- and looked like barnacles...... They looked very cool grouped on a wall......

gosia -- beautiful illustrations and mixed media work. I have a "thing" for birch trees...I regret not picking out one of these little elves on a stump... but she does have an etsy shop :)
lisa mclaughlin larose -- hauntingly beautiful treescapes and birds.... She'll also be at the Queen West Art Festival in Trinity Bellwoods Park next weekend

lilli et moi -- needle fabric fiberwork
The piece that I wanted was already sold.... but she has an etsy shop too! Her business card had super cute hand stitching on it -- definitely a keeper!

Peter Barelkowski --fabulous paintings! (sorry I couldn't show a pic -- but I stood in front of his both for a long time:)