Monday, December 24, 2007

On the Eleventh day of Christmas...

Happy Christmas Eve!!! Here's what my tree looks like :)

The Artful Christmas: I'm not sure who this was from :( I can't read the signature..... could someone please let me know in the comments who's it is! ** I just found out that it was made by the very talented Angela Hoffman (sorry Angela)**
But I love the pillow box wrapping!And inside is this sweet fairy! Isn't she cute -- and she has a prime space on my tree
12 Days to Christmas:
Was from me!!!
Here's the wrapping:
And inside was a bracelet that I made from bits of fabric (vintage and new) and vintage buttons and ribbon. even my daughter likes these!!! Here is a little look at the process:The bottom bracelet is just the fabric bits on top of the base. The 4 at the top have been stitched down. (click on the image to see it better)
Then the finished bracelets:


Maija said...

GREAT bracelet cuffs! You are just so talented!
Merry Christmas!

dawn said...

so cool, martha.
merry Christmas & daughterlove.

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Thank you so much. I love mine and wore it Xmas Eve and Xmas day.

Unknown said...

I love your bracelets and I NEVER knew you were in Sew Somerset Till I got it the other day and on the cover no less!!!!I am enjoying your blog, have never been here before! Melinda