Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Library Rocks!

I have always visited the library often -- but 2012 will be the big year of the library for me (with the no shopping and all). The Toronto Public Library rocks! I love "ordering" books on my computer, and then they arrive at my library a few days later. And I can borrow ebooks for my Kobo! I worry about the libraries closing -- it is in the news all the time here.
Please, everyone, Support your local library!

Here's what I got this week!

Some inspiring reading and eye candy:

(my favourite of the 3 is Jenny Doh's Creative Pilgrimage book -- oh, please let me be able to to to the Squam retreat some day! )

And a few to read on the subway:

For those of you who have asked how the frugal year is going.... I haven't bought anything! Well, 1 lunch at McDonalds , a box of cookies for my class (they were super-good this week) and some stamps at the post office. That's not shopping. BUT... I have dreamed about shopping (seriously, what's with that? It's like a nightmare -- because in my dreams I know that I'm not allowed to buy things and I'm trying to sneakily buy them and hide them :)

In real life I am coveting this ipad cover (bookbook) and this iphone cover (also bookbook) I have been on the waiting list for my new iphone for months! It will arrive THIS WEEK ! .... (hey, that's not a purchase for this year.... it was ordered waaaay last year... )

I think that I can get away with the iphone case as a necessity... but not the ipad case... I do already have one :) And with the iphone case -- I'm hoping to be able to barter one... or wait for someone to give me one as a gift.... Valentines day is coming (okay, maybe too spendy for Valentines day) and Mother's Day is coming (again, too spendy)...

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vivian said...

I should go to the library! Ive got to quit buying magazines. I really need to make some serious changes in my life too. Im just not to good at sticking to anything for long! lol.. maybe that should be my first change.
youre a good girl Martha! keep up the good work.