Friday, January 06, 2012

Five Faves Friday - Favourite Decor Books of 2011

This list was hard to narrow down!
My five Favourite Decor / Design / Style Books of 2011

1. Nomad ... & Etcetera (Sibella Court)
2. Dottie Angel (Tif Fussell)
3. Decorate (Holly Becker)
4. A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life (Mary Randolph Carter)
5. Creative Walls (Geraldine James)
6. Pale & Interesting (Atlanta Bartlett)

okay, I can't count :)


Elizabeth said...

LOve the title of Mary Carters book- Should print that up and post near my front door!!!!!! My new motto!! Need to take a look at all of these!

vivian said...

now I want to go to the book store and buy all these books...
unless you come to visit me and bring them all with you!
happy friday Martha!

jc said...

I always learn a little something when you post your faves. Didn't know about the Dottie Angel book, but got Sibella Court's and love it! By the way, Andy looks too darn cute in those PJ's!

One Charming Thing said...

OMIGOSH, what have you done to my "want" list now!!