Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Faves Friday! Movies

It is so hard to narrow down the movies to five...

My five favorite movies:

1. High Fidelity

2. Pretty in Pink (or Sixteen Candles?)(I had to go with Duckie)

3. Dead Man (well, really anything with Johnny Depp)(Chocolat, Pirates of the Carribean, the 1st one?)

4. Amelie

5. Groundhog Day

Gross Point Blank likely should have been there too... and Toys. I Linklove those Cusacks... I watched The Sure Thing a few weeks ago, wow, we have all grown up a bit, haven't we? I also really liked Inglorious Basterds and Little Miss Sunshine, Green Card, Edward Scissorhands and What about Bob.... oh, and also Unbreakable, 6th Sense and Fight Club. I can't really narrow this down to five.... I should have categorized this list!

Eclectic, aren't I?

What are your favourite movies? Why?
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Leslie Jane Moran said...

This made me really think!

All Time Faves:
1. Out of explanation needed..the scene with Robert Redford..."don't move"!!!

2. Sound of Music. Family fave we watch every of my favourite things :)

3. Gone with the Wind.

4. The Great Escape...Steve McQueen

5. Annie. Because my daughter loved it and now so does my granddaughter!

More recently:
1. Chocolat..or anything Johnny Depp, Including Sleepy Hollow.

2. Atonement.

3. Jane Austen..anything - Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility.

4. The Queen...or anything Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, or Glenn Close

5. Midnight in Paris - latest that I have seen in a theatre where EVERYONE clapped at the end. Outloud! In Toronto!! :)

MarissaDW said...

Love your list. I'll have the same problem as you. check out my list on my blog -

Halle said...

Fun list! I loved Ground Hog Day. Bill Murray is awesome.

jocelyn said...

Loved your choices, and would have to add a couple of Ethan Hawke delights with that Paris feeling ....Before Sunrise and After Sunset ( I may have my dayparts reversed) I loved My Week With Marilyn too!

Joanne Huffman said...

Strictly Ballroom, Baghdad Cafe, Lars and the Real Girl, Cedar Rapids, Midnight in Paris, Big Sky Country, Amelie, Some Like It Hot, To Kill a Mockingbird...

Anonymous said...

I was going to say Out of Africa so nice to see another fan.
Lawrence of Arabia (ist part) Appollo 13. Margaret's Museum haunts me, The Money pit and Groundhog day are very close.
But of course you know all this.

Tracey Fisher said...

I loved Amelie. She is in another movie I want to see as well. Not sure how racey it is for my 12 year old, so I will have to see it again. Great picks Martha! I love your choices on Pinterest and had no idea you were in Toronto. Love your work!