Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Art Unraveled 2012

It's that time of year again! Time to pick my classes for Art Unraveled, which happens at the beginning of August in Phoenix (yes, it is hot there, but the only time I actually leave the hotel is to go to the patio during happy hour :) (and a brief trip or two to Trader Joe's)

And I can't wait to see these super fabulous friends of mine (and to eat Greek Fries!)

and to see Adena, Fran, Angie, Tracey, Lorri, Don, Susan... and Michael :) Can't believe that it's still 7 months away, LOL.

This is my lineup for 2012, assuming that I get into all of the classes....

Tuesday - 10 Objects 10 Ways -- a drawing and watercolour class with Jane LaFazio
Wednesday -- Flower Power -- torch enameling with Melissa Manley
Wednesday Night -- Romantic Buckle with Ruth Rae
Friday -- A Cut Above -- Lino cutting with Pam Carriker
Sunday Evening - Coffee, Tea and Onion Skins -- Dying with Lorri Scott
Monday -- Bench Scraps -- jewelry with Richard Salley

I seriously have been considering Deryn Mentock's Alchemy of Objects... if the class doesn't sell out (it might) I might add it when I get there...

I am also considering Joanne Thieme Huffman's Hello Dollies -- I'm not sure if I want to take an evening class the night before I leave... because I have a very large road trip planned with Mr. B right when I get home!

ANYWAY, in the tradition of past years, I have participated in the 4x4 technique chunky book. I had to make 28, 4x4 pages showcasing a technique that I learned at ArtUnraveled. I decided to make some gelatin monoprints which I learned from Jane Lafazio -- you could take her class this year!
I made a few extra -- so I'd like to give 2 away.

Please tell me (in the comments area) What class would you take at ArtUnraveled? Why? I'll pick 2 random winners on January 22. I really should have done this before I sent in my registration.....


Joanne Huffman said...

Yay! We'll be in 10 Objects and Coffee, Tea and Onion Skins together! And maybe Hello, Dollies (I promise, it's going to be relaxing and easy and fun - and Fran is taking it, so it would be extra time with her)

Angie in AZ said...

So looking forward to seeing you! I'd take Mary Beth Shaw's class about painting with a palette knife (don't remember the name of the class) and Lorri's Tea/Onion skin dying. I might try to at least swing that so we can have a super fun group of friends in there! LOL!

Elizabeth said...

I would love to take this class with Jane- your monoprints are fabulous!! But of the classes on your current roster, I would love love to take a class with Ruth Rae!! I am worried about Ruth with her eye problems- hopefully all has stabilized. i am counting down to Art and Soul VA Beach at the beginning of March and then I am supposed to teach, EGAD, at a and S Portland in Oct!!!

kandeland said...

Oh Martha! I'm so green with envy! I would love to go! (can you fit me in your luggage?)
I would love to take anything by Pam Carriker! why? because she's such an inspiration for journaling. She's the reason I was first published in Art Journaling a few years back. Ruth Rae would be awesome too! Enjoy every second, xo

MarissaDW said...

this is something I definitely need to consider going....but I will have to go 2013.

My pick would have been:
Photoshop for Mixed Media - Intermediate Tangie Baxter

6 Hours in Paris, a Virtual Trip

sandee said...

Hmmm...Art Unraveled...hmmm...it's not so far away from me anymore. Just a short puddle jumper flight and I can be there. Hmm......

Thanks so much for your comment on my SING page. I'm REALLY getting into art journaling...helps alleviate the stress!