Monday, March 24, 2008

Pink Marie

I made these for an RR, but ended up sending different pages. So I might frame these... or send to someone else. The "tarted up" Marie is an image by Anahata -- and I continued it onto the page -- extending the lines off of the collage image. It's mostly Anahata and a little martha. Anahata doesn't sell her collage clip images anymore. I'm glad that I picked lots up at ArtFest last year!!! Sadly, I'm not going to ArtFest this year. I'm moving instead :)p.s. 36 more days until the move. Paper is sorted(in boxes), rubber stamps are sorted (and all in boxes and drawers). Next up? all of those little bits and pieces -- you know, a head of a doll, pretty little stones, little silk flowers -- all those things that litter the top of my work table..... and all of my art books and magazines (sniff, sniff).


sammy said...

Martha... sounds like you are so ready for the move! I have something for you, should I wait until you have moved to send it... ? hugs

Maija said...

All you Marie pages are so delicious!!