Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hippity Hop, Easter Swap!!!

Mine came a bit late, so I didn't even have to wait to open them! None of this "One day at a time nonsense" I got to rip into them all, at once!!! Here's a picture wrapped, then the next two are unwrapped. Wooo-hoo, this was fun. I peeked online at what I was getting. Yes, I admit it, I cheated. If you want to see WAY better pictures than mine, go to Jenny Everyday's blog for March 15,16 and March 24 it has all of the pictures, close up. It's a big job, so I'll just let you look at Jenny's loot. Mine was pretty much the same :) Thank you everyone!!! (2 gifts are still coming separately -- I'll blog them when they come!)

Please click on everyone's names to go to their blogs or websites to see some incredible eye candy!. Most of these very talented women have etsy shops or sell throught their websites, so go visit those too! (again -- go to Jenny's site to see really great photos)
The fabric wallhanging is from Jeanne; the Easter Doll is from Debra Schoch, beautiful glittering crystal earrings are from Karin ; the SPRING in a glittery tube is from Beth Quinn; and the Easter cake wall hanging is from Jenny Everyday!(the feathery wreath with vintage millinery flowers is from Heather K ; the basket with bird and nest is from Holly ; the little walnut bunny shrine is from Shosh from Hannah Grey (and a beautiful glass birdy, but I couldn't get a good photograph); the Easter shrine is from Heather Bluhm)and finally -- this is the pin I made!
Hoppy (belated) Easter!

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Sandy said...

Wow, you were in a fabulous group. I love the pin and wore mine at Easter!