Monday, March 03, 2008

Art Fiend

I made these kind of pins for lots of friends for Christmas a few years ago. Mija's popped off somewhere (at an art retreat, I think!)(I hope that someone found it and is enjoying it.....) Anyway... Mija asked me to make her a new one -- it took me a really really long time to finish it. Yes, it is supposed to say Art Fiend, not Friend. Because Mija is such a fiend!!! (not at all!). She sent me lots of goodies in return (not necessary at all, Mija!)(but I loved it all). If you get a chance, check out Mija's new etsy shop -- she sells lots of cool ephemera! (and she sells some of her art too) Just click on the link below!
Mija's goodies to buy!


Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool pin. And, I really like the concept of an art fiend.


Kelly Snelling said...

She is a Fiend! I agree! lol! The pin is beautiful. I bet she will love those colors.

Mija said...

Ha! this is so funny! thanx a bunch sweet girl. yes i did lose it at Art and Soul in Portland. you already know how much i love the Art Fiend pin and other phenom treasures you sent as well!!!!! i guess i'm a self declared Art Fiend! he he
and guess what, i have an etsy shop now, Woo Hoo! so instead of my picturetrail go to thanx for the plug Magnificent Martha! you're a gem, girlfriend! and good luck with the move.