Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

Last night, from 8-9pm we turned the lights off and turned off all of our electrical appliances (except the fridge and aquarium filter) in celebration of Earth hour. Did you participate? What did you do?? We got snuggly with candles. My friend Robin toasted marshmallows over tea lights. It was a nice night. Ray and I decided that we're going to try to celebrate Earth hour every Saturday night. Power down. Reduce. Relax.
In the spirit of reduce, reuse, recycle -- here are some ATCs that I made a few years ago. Everything on the ATCs was from a walk down the city street one Saturday morning. I called the series "Walking Papers". The top 3 all use the blister packs from gum (lots of those on the sidewalk). They are much more 3D than they look. All I added was some paint and some rubber stamped text.


Joanne Huffman said...

I like the "found object" ATC idea. Canada did a much better job at observing earth hour than the U.S. did. We cheated: we turned everything off at home, but we met another couple for dinner in a restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Don't these look good. Very Greg Curnoe-ish!

A bird in the hand said...

I think I saw these ATCs in real time. I stilll like them a lot. Could it be a theme for ATC week??

I turn off my lights all the time. Only have a light on where I'm sitting or working. So I do a (mostly)earth hour every day of the year.

Sandy said...

Neat idea for the ATCs! We were at a birthday and unfortunately the host didn't turn out the lights etc. Btw, I finally got my Hippity Hop stuff today-yipee!


Susan Williamson said...

Very cool series. You remind me of Kurt Schwitters who created his collages from stuff he picked up off the street and he ended up building a whole environment with them all through his apartment.

Ruth Rae said...

love all the new art!
I will try for a full teaching line up next year... wish me luck!

I was in reno two weeks ago with nancy and she asked about you and wanted to know if you ever got into a house :)

congrats on the new house!
you did it!!!! good for you guys!

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

Your "Walking Papers" are very cool.

Have fun sorting those drawers!