Friday, March 16, 2007

Purple and Green

Okay -- this is my FAVOURITE colour combination. But I can't work in it. Well, I did, but it fought me every step of the way. I started in paper on a painted deli paper background (thanks again, Maria!!). It needed something, so I added a purple paint border. Then the words. then some organza around the edges. Then little scraps of fabric around the edges. Then they felt finished.

These ATCs are off today for a swap.

**** a little edit -- I could always work in green and purple with FABRIC -- It's the paper that's the problem. Paper fights me. Maybe I should just surrender. Surrender to the fabric, martha. Let the paper go..... (but I have to use it all up first...... I think that I'm pretty safe in saying that I have a lifetime supply of paper....) I can't believe that I'm having a little conversation with myself on my blog.


Patti G. said...

Martha, You most certainly CAN work with it! These are gorgeous! Hus,Patti

joanne huffman said...

Martha, these are wonderful. Whomever gets one of these ATCs is going to love it. It sure looks like you've mastered working in purple and green.

Anonymous said...

Martha, these colors really are FAB!!! You are so amazing!!!

Beth :)

Jacky said...

Martha you are so clever... these are wonderful.

uncertainvoyage said...

These are so nice. I pretty sure you won the battle. lol.