Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fabric Charms

I'm working on some fabric charms for a swap -- and I'm really loving them. The theme is Mother Nature and the colours are supposed to be sepia, blue and green.

First, I printed some clip art nests onto coffee dyed fabric. Then I hand painted the nests and the eggs (I added Pearl Ex to the blue -- it's kind of shimmery) with acrylic washes. Then I cut out the images and sewed them onto little squares of vintage cotton upholstery fabric.(I layered some fibres in behind on my second one). On the backs I stamped "nest" on to heavy muslin (it was a really old table cloth...). And I sandwiched it all up with some felt in the middle to make it a bit puffy. Next time I'll add some heavy interfacing in the middle for the eyelet to grab on to. And I have to go out this afternoon and buy some antique white thread. I have off-white -- but it looks pretty stark white here.
** I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE SOME FEEDBACK before I complete any more. Do you think that I should round the edges off to make the charms oval?? Any other suggestions?? The finished size is 1" x 1 1/8"


Ruth Rae said...

I LOVE these!
they are so great!
your are on the right track for sure!

Dot said...

Martha - these are perfect as they are!! I like the square charms.

You are so clever to create this design. What type of fabric do you print on to?

Anonymous said...

Martha, your fabric charms are delightful. I like the raw edge effect of the square pieces and think you should keep them as the are.

Jo Wholohan said...

Martha these are devine!!!!! Love love them :) Wanna swap??? Have fun at artfest, wish i could attend LOL

Susan Williamson said...

There's something so primal about a nest. I just love your design and think you should stick with what you have. The square is a good counterpoint to the oval.

martha brown said...

Dotee asked what fabric I print on. I print on cotton -- from very fine to heavier muslin. I ran this fabric through my laser printer -- it is a fine cotton shirting. (I just iron it to freezer paper and then put it through the printer. It is magic..... I protect the laser prints by heat setting and then I spray it with a fabric protector spray (the kind for shoes...)

Anonymous said...

Ditto... like everyone else I think the square charm is a lovely foil for the nest.
Have fun at Artfest! Cant wait to read about your adventures on your blog.

Patti G. said...

Ohhhhhhhhh these charms are beyond beautiful! LOVE the nests and your added color and I think they are perfect! WOW!

Your winged people 4x4 is super! Love that image too and it is just stunning!

I am sorry you felt sick, and hope that things are getting much better and that artfest will be a TOTAL BALL for you! I am sure it will be! I love your artwork!

Kim Carney said...

what a wonderful wonderful idea! I still have two days to come up with SOME idea ;)

Anonymous said...

Martha these charms are awesome!
I love everything you make. You are so talented and creative.

uncertainvoyage said...

The are wonderful! I need new adjectives to describe your work. You are an inspiration.

Margaret McDonald said...

Hi Martha,
This is so cool. I'm in the same charm swap & didn't realize we lived so close. I'm east of Toronto!