Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fabric Inchies

These are tiny 1" square fabric collages. They were fun to make. I did a crazy patchwork background on a 4x4 square base, then topstitched randomly. Then I cut it into 1 inch squares, then added a face and a word. Some of them have beads... 8 of them are for a swap -- the remaining ones will be worked into pins -- or perhaps charms!


Dotee said...

Oh Martha! I love everything you make!! And these gorgeous little inchies are no exception!
Love how you have incorporated Zetti faces into them.

Strangely enough the ' nutty' one appealed to me (perhaps that's because I'm a bit nutty myself!).

Love your work. Talented lady you!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Martha, your fabric inchies are too cool for words (but I'll try anyway). The faces are wonderful and the backgrounds are perfect.

A bird in the hand said...

My tourist pin is still getting laughs at the office (good ones, of course!) A bientôt. xoxo

Jo Wholohan said...

Beautiful Martha!!!

Jacky said...

Martha these are AMAZING... love what you have done with the crazy patchwork backgrounds!!! Each one is truly a work of art. Inspirational stuff.

sammy said...

Oh I love these little charms... how cute! Great work on everything you do!

inventivesoul said...

Hi Martha, would you swap one of them, one that says ODD or FOOL?
I would LOVE to have one!!!

Please let me know

Anxiously waiting for your reply,
Amber Dawn