Monday, March 19, 2007

Productive March Break

Even though I was very sick (too dizzy to walk, at times) I managed to complete a lot!!

I finished almost everything on my list (still wiring the copper on the vial charms – I may be doing that in Seattle Airport…) (Still working on the 8x8s too) And made 3 trips to the post office to mail it all.

And I made something really pretty to give to someone at ArtFest. And I’m working on something else really pretty to give to someone else at ArtFest. Shhhh, don’t tell……..

I played with something new (liver of sulphur) (smelly smelly stuff)

I took Lauren out for Breakfast (at Boom), and met Tuyet for supper (Friendly Thai)

I hung out with Lauren a bit, and she listened very patiently while I complained about anything and everything. And I pretended to listen back.

I hung out with the puppy, Andy “Chews and Destroys” Warhol. Ray bought him a Kong, and a Kong Ball. So far, they are proving indestructible. Hurray! (luckily, he only chew up his toys, and sometimes things that he mistakes for toys)(like fabric that hangs off the table a bit….)

I got my hair cut (YES, at the salon)(Coupe Bizarre, if you must know). And I dyed my own hair (red)(always) It's a layered bob....

I went to Colette’s for a relaxing hanging out day -- Thank you so much Colette (we can talk forever and lose track of time....)

I hemmed my jeans (waiting since December…)

I walked downtown 3 times (you think that I could have remembered everything that I needed to make it one trip….)

I finished 4 Green and Purple ATCs that I forgot to put on the list…..

I did a MOUNTAIN of laundry

I took my bike in to have its Spring Tune up -- oops -- I just remembered that I forgot to pick it up......

I took a big bag of clothes (and, sadly, shoes) to the consignment store. They took 13 items. I have to pick up the rejects tomorrow. I wonder what they rejected???

I watched some movies (V for Vendetta, The Rocket, and some bad weekday afternoon movies) and even went to the theatre and saw “Music and Lyrics” (very cute!!)

There. I thought that if I wrote it all down it would look like a lot. It kind of does.


Pam Aries said...

Hi Martha! I came to visit your blog...Colette speaks very highly of you! She is such a 'very cool' person in my book ..I thought I better come check out your blog! I love it ! i can see why you are friends and fellow artistas! Ciao! Pam

Carmi Cimicata said...

Hey Martha!
Have a really great trip! You will be in the perfect place to exchange your art and learn new techniques. Can't wait to see what you make!

A bird in the hand said...

It not only sounds like a lot when you write it down, it IS a lot!!

Susan Williamson said...

I know you and your wonderful work will fit right in at Artfest. Have a fabulous time--and get well soon.

Dot said...

You got an amazing amount done Martha considering you were ill (and an amazing amount even if you were feeling well!).

I know everyone will love your art at ArtFest (give Holly a big hug for me).

I saw Music and Lyrics recently and really loved it.

So glad you had a nice time with Colette. Am so glad you have found ecah other.

Hope you are feeling much better now.