Sunday, June 05, 2011

More Mixed Minded

More from my weekend at Mixed Minded in Kitchener!

The brides were out in full force! From what I gathered -- they were raising money for the "Make a Wish" Foundation. They were wearing their own wedding dresses and going out for a night on the town.
This is a background that I started for my mixed media quilt. Actually -- its move than a background -- it is the base for the quilt. I can't give away Sandra's secrets though. You'll have to take a class from her :) You can see what Ludgera did here.

I needle felted in Carmi's class. This is my work-in-progress. (I didn't finish anything at the retreat -- except for the make and take -- more on that in a minute)

Isn't this cool?
Karen (Mixed minded creator and artist extraordinaire) was at the Inspire Retreat in North Carolina (oh I am so jealous) a few weeks ago and Tracie Lampe did a class of her cool fused plastic bags. I have a small pouch by Tracie that she gave me at ArtFest a few years ago. But anyway, Tracie said that Karen could teach us how to make small bags for our "make and take" -- this is the bag that I made.

Literally -- the whole thing, from 3 plastic bags to finished project - took about 10 MINUTES!!! And isn't it cute??? Target bags rock. (Especially since we don't have Target yet in Canada)(soon!) Great for carrying my lunch at school. I bought Tracie's book -- it's a fun one!!! More fusing to come. It's right up my "reuse and recycle" alley!


vivian said...

hey Martha! glad you had a good time at your retreat! I need a retreat or something.. the beach would be best.. my life is so insane sometimes! all good though.
have a sweet week!
ps.. just thinking about those wedding gowns.. Id never fit in mine now! lol! (not that thats funny.. I wish I was that small again!)

Joanne Huffman said...

Love the recycled target bag. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt and felted piece. Aren't art retreats wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

What wonderful creations Martha!!! that little pouch is just adorable and the perfect use for target bags!! Do you want me to send you some??????
I absolutely loved seeing your little quilts in the latest AQS- love them!!!

Halle said...

Love the Target bag! I have...well more than I should...of them stuffed into a bag in my garage. Hopefully I can be inspired.

Susan Williamson said...

The felting and quilt base look fabulous. I really wish I'd been there.