Wednesday, June 15, 2011

camper love

I just love vintage campers. How ironic for someone who doesn't even have a driving license. But I'd love to have one parked on some land somewhere and then go and visit it on weekends. Like a cabin :) (how I would get there is another story --- I'm sure that Mr. B would want to be part of this dream)(really, truly -- that wasn't sarcastic -- he has a strong sense of adventure)

Anyway -- have you heard of Sisters on the Fly? It is a group of women (nearly 1,000) from around the U.S. who own and restore vintage camping trailers. Your should see their gallery! Of course I'm pinning them to my pinterest board -- Camper Love.

This one is by Cath Kidston in her online magazine.

Of course, I could buy a new one. This one is about $14,000 and is made in Canada! but it seems a shaem to buy a new one, only to park it. And I can't see me in a car pulling a trailer (even with someone else driving)

The Outback by Trillium Trailers

(these images via , who else? poppytalk)


Carmi said...

OMG Martha! ME TOO!!! Am hunting for a camper to redo at the new place next year!

jc said...

Not too hard to get hooked on cute campers like that - esp. Kath Kidson's. I love everything she does!

Halle said...

I love campers too. Not camping...say in a tent...nope not me. But a camper is a whole other thing! I have very fond memories of traveling across the USA and Canada in our camper as a kid. Loved it!

Joanna said...

Yep, I've got camper van envy too.

Irene said...

I'd just like to have one as my library, park it in back and go out to read, a little fridge and tea pot and voila!.

Anonymous said...

That camper looks like an after dinner mint.
I'm in.
Could we go to a camper show sometime.
A driver who would go home is all we need.
Love Mom

Pallas said...

What great little trailers. But I have you know that I got on a long side-tracked journey. Ha!

lbrownie said...

That's one big Horse Chestnut!