Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Rustic Cosmo Cafe

I've decided to do a little restaurant review every time I go out to eat (you'll see how infrequently I go out :).
(photo above via blog TO)

This morning we braved the slush to head our neighbourhood breakfast and lunch cafe. The Rustic Cosmo Cafe is at 1278 Queen Street West -- just west of Dufferin in Parkdale. We come here every few months for brunch and sometimes for lunch (the sandwiches are wonderful!)
Today we went for brunch.

I had scrambled eggs, sausages, toast and homefries. Just the basics :). It was all fine. And hot. That's how I like my breakfast food. Fine. No surprises. The peach-strawberry jam is made on site and is definitely worth the extra $1. (there is strawberry banana jam available too)

Mr B had the "Cowboy Breakfast" which was like mine but included some bake beans and a pancake. The pancakes are usually great, but today it wasn't quite cooked all the way through :). He's going to try the Eggs Benny next time -- he likes variety. I usually stick with the same old comfort food. Maybe this makes me a crappy restaurant reviewer, lol.

We both had Earl Grey tea. Twinings.

Our server was friendly and attentive. What really impressed me was how well she served another couple who came in. Keep in mind that this cafe is in Parkdale and I choose to live in Parkdale. Parkdale has a huge amount of high density and low rent housing. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is just down the street. There are many homeless people on the streets and a soup kitchen is just a few doors away. Anyway, a couple came in and they smelled really smokey and not so great and they looked really cold and the woman had no coat on. They asked how much a coffee was. They agreed to have one and then proceeded to drink all of the creamers at their table one by one, and then some off another table. I was impressed by the fact that the staff served them with respect because they were customers just like me. I've been in lots of other restaurants in the neighbourhood who aren't as tolerant. Maybe that's why the Rustic Cosmo has been there for so long....

Cost -- It came to approx $28 for 2 (including tax and tip).

Plus there is also interesting art on the walls and there is free wifi. There's a patio too.
And they have live music sometimes.... I wish that they had a website (please leave me a comment with a link if they do -- I couldn't find one)

Two thumbs up!


die, adjust or migrate said...

i found you through OWOH and have been looking about. you have a great blog. love the hearts you have been making. i checked out your class blog too. i teach grade 1 in vancouver and really liked some of your ideas. my b-i-l lives in TO - will have to check out the rustic cosmo cafe if we ever manage to get out there to see him!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love to go to breakfast on Sunday's...I usually go to the same place though....just a cozy little family style place with good food.....

Joanne Huffman said...

I love going out for breakfast and often order eggs benedict (the local place with my favorite version closed).

rochambeau said...

Glad you could take the time to go out for breakfast with your Cowboy!


A Scattering said...

This looks like a great spot, I'll have to try it some time when I go to Toronto. Thanks for the tip.