Monday, February 28, 2011

Gayley's Cafe

Out for breakfast again! This time I took pictures :) Gayley's Cafe is one of my favourite breakfast/lunch places in toronto. AND it's just a few minutes walk from home. It's a family owned business and the staff is super friendly. Don't sit around waiting for the bill though -- it's won't come. Just get up and pay :) The sandwiches at lunch are great!

After my tea (Earl Grey)

I had a basic breakfast (just basic and yummy):

I bullied Mr. B into having French Toast with his big breakfast (sorry -- I didn't know that you don't like French Toast -- why didn't I know that?). I LOVE French Toast and this didn't disappoint :). The bacon was floppy -- just the way I like it. (Mr. B -- if you don't like floppy bacon you have to tell them when you order :)

Two thumbs up (but give yourself lots of time -- the service is very laid back :)


Joanne Huffman said...

yum! (and, I love French toast).

Anonymous said...

the meals are HUGE!

it's breakfast time right now..


vivian said...

oh I love me some french toast! breakfast is one of my favorites to go our for.. well, so is lunch and dinner! lol!
have a great week martha

My name is Cindy said...

French toast - Yum!! Hi there, I'm just popping over from my blog which you visited for OWOH. Sorry I'm soooo late but life got in the way. Thanks for visiting!