Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I love about Phoenix

I miss Phoenix already....
here are just a few things that I have to wait many months before experiencing again...

Maija and her family (furry family too)and friends

Art Unraveled

Scrapbooks etc -- a super cool scrapbooking experience (plan to spend many hours). But the best part??? The fabrics! I've already made 3 skirts from the fabric I bought here!

Frenzy Stamper -- Your one stop shop for rubber stamps and lots of other mixed media supplies. I bought a super fun sock monkey stamps and some great stencils.....

Frances -- Frances has great clothes, jewelry, gift items and my favourite body cream and fragrance line, Chymia.

The heat (really)(honestly)(I'd love it even more in February)

The adorable quail and pointy birds
(photo by

Stick Mountain
I always know where I am in Phoenix by looking for Stick(South) Mountain!

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (greek fries.... yum) (and I hear that there is one opening in Santa Barbara)(not that I've ever been to Santa Barbara -- but I'm just sayin')

I have a few favourite US cities. Phoenix, New York and Chicago, of course, but also Burlington, Vermont and Ann Arbor, Michigan. What are your favourites? Why?


jc said...

Looks like Phoenix made a lasting impression. I'm still admiring your artful tags, but would love to see some of your summer projects from Art Unravelled.

Joanne Huffman said...

I enjoy Phoenix, but my favorite U.S. cities are Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Ann Arbor is high on my list and so is Tampa/St Petersburg.