Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valentine's Countdown Day 2!

Today's gift was made by Holly -- Don't you just love these earrings? I never change my earrings (honestly -- a few times in the last 10 years) but I am wearing these to school tomorrow for sure!!! and I can see me wearing them all summer too. Thanks Holly!!!


Dawn said...

Funky earrings Em! Holly makes amazing jewellery, eh?
When you have a chance, check out my blog to see the incredible ones she made for me ~ wheee! Isn't this fun?

arlene said...

I love my ear rings too! They're on the blog homepage.

I opened your LOVELY gift this morning. I adore it Martha! Especially the stitching that "meanders" around the edges....hhehehe
Your style is oh-so-fun and it captures the theme of the swap so well! Thank you SO much. I will love hanging it for years to come. I just don't know that I'll be able to take it down after February. I think it's a year-round bit for me.
: ) xo arlene