Saturday, February 28, 2009

The sound of silence.....

I haven't been able to hear for 2 days now. I got some water in both ears when I swam yesterday morning. Yes, I wear earplugs. I readjusted my earplugs when I was in the pool -- I think that I pushed water waaaay into my ear. I've had one ear plugged before, but never both. This isn't just a bit plugged. I can only hear if someone who is standing right in front of me yells. I can also hear my dog bark, which will help me if there is an emergency!

I can't hear
cars passing me on the street,
people talking,
children screaming,
the phone ringing.
I only hear
my own thoughts
and my voice
seems buried in a dream.

So, I can't watch tv. I can't talk to my family or friends (well, I CAN talk, I just can't listen. Perhaps this is to my advantage....) But I can read, surf the internet, do my report cards (due tuesday) and visit my knit up. It's a bit droopy, but I can't pull it up, because it's frozen. (note to self -- don't mix acrylic and wool in the same knit up). But I can't concentrate in all of this silence! Cross your fingers that my hearing is back by Monday. My students thought that yelling at Ms Brown was fun for a day, but I think that they will start to take advantage of me in a few days!

Well, what's a post without a picture, right? I'll finish off February with the rest of my Valentine Swap pieces.The fabric covered hand-made journal is from Arlene Tavnik-- I can't wait to write in it! The dangly collage is by Nicolette Anderson -- I've had it hanging on my Valentine's tree. The glittery key pendent is by Dawn Supina -- very fun and glittery! And the glass tile heart pendant is by Kim Mailhot . You can see much better pictures on the groups blog! They (we) are a very talented bunch. I am a very lucky person to be part of it!!


Sharon said...

Martha, I'm screaming this to tell you to get well soon. All I can think of is my father's hearing loss and how he wears the top of the line hearing aids and still hears nothing. He's now hooked on the computer and email to stay in touch with the world. Where the hell did that water go?

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh gosh! MARTHA!
This is horrible. You have to keep us informed as to your recovery. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. In the meantime, wear your hat and keep warm. All best for a speedy positive outcome. YIKES!

Joanne Huffman said...

I sure hope your ears are better now.


Anonymous said...

Wow received lots of beautiful things in this swap. everything is gorgeous. How is the hearing? I hope all is well with you. Thank you so much for taking the time and visiting me at my blog. You are so kind and I sooooo appreciate it. Take care.