Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I meant to post these a long time ago. I forgot. Some were for a swap, some for friends, and some for my own collection. Don't you just love the wonderful natural patina of my garage windows? And the broken glass? (The slumlord don't fix nuttin') Actually, I really love the natural crackle of the paint, but it can't be good for the wood....... (click on the pictures to say "hello" close up)


Joanne Huffman said...

I love these Zetti girls. They look like a really fun chorus line.

Anonymous said...

Martha, they are all FABULOUS!!! Lovin' each and every one!!!

Beth :)

Tamara C said...

These are AMAZING! Are you going to offer ones like this for sale?!? Please?! Or do you do commissions?!? OH PRETTY PLEASE?!?!

Your art is simply wonderful, Martha! You are one of my favorite artists!

Zetti Hugs, Tamara

Heather Robinson said...

These are wonderful Zetti girls...so glad you remembered to show them to us...you chose the setting for them beautifully! See slum lords contribute to art!?

Ruth Rae said...

oh I LOVE these dolls!!!!

Maija said...

OMG, they are wonderful! I bought a patern from Kelly Barnham a few years ago, but I have yet to make anything!