Monday, September 24, 2007

Black and White

I haven't been online much lately -- I'm a weeee bit behind. I got these in the mail last week, and made the necklace this weekend. I had a few charms left (including my own) that I couldn't work in, so I'll wear them as pendants I wear a different pendant every day. I have enough charms/pendants to last the school year now!

Thank you to Amber Dawn (host!) and of course, I forgot to make note of who did what, but I'll try.......
Amber Dawn (on the finished necklace -top 3 on left, and second and third down on right)
Heather Bluhm - vial with sparkles!
Sharie Myers --joy
Heather Kayser -- cowgirl soldered
Ruth Rae -- resin "desire"
Mary Lind -- polymer clay deco
Jan Bartlett -- babe in cup (on silver) with the silver music sign
Cris Peacock -- Polymer clay turle fetish (black)
Peg Krzyzewski -- top shape with swirls (to the left of my big dice one)
Anne Downen (circle paisley)
Ellen Gray (2) rulers; small dice dangle, and tiny dice on tiny safety pin, hanging down the back
Lori Anderson -- buttons and beads
Michelle Johnson (centre charm on finished necklace -- with heart)
Kathie Kushner -- Don't Postpone Joy
Denice O. Face on ? domino cut in half?
Ronda A -- Large face
Me! I made the giant dice charm that was too large to go on my necklace. Oops... (lower right on single charms)
Those were all of the names that I had. If anyone can tell me which ones are theirs, I'll edit the post..... (Thanks Amber!!!)

(here in the end is the small print -- a public apology to Lauren. She didn't steal my tweezers..... well, not really...... they were found on the floor of her bedroom.....(here in Toronto), the caterpillars have now been banished.......)


Heather said...

Is it just me or did you forget to post a picture? or is blogger being a butt? or...? I don't see anything.

Anonymous said...

Martha this is awesome!


Joanne Huffman said...

cool charms and I love the idea of turning the extras into pendants.

A bird in the hand said...

Hope you'll wear it on Friday so we can see!!! It looks fabulous! xoxo

juneh said...

Martha is your new motto? --"eye can see clearly now the hair is gone?!!" lol

Ruth Rae said...

he! he! he!
I hope you do not mind but...
I used your dice and ambers charms in the book :)
I will be sending off the rest of the jewelry tomorrow :)