Saturday, September 08, 2007

Whew, what a week!

This past week flew by. My new kindies are soooo adorable! This year I have lots of little girls -- last year the boys outnumbered the girls by double! We had tons of fun reading and singing "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" I read it at least 10 times! -- This weekend I'll be putting together a fabric book of the Funky Monkeys. I'm really in school mode! But I also have to finish 20 Halloween tags, 15 Bee ATCs and some birdie ATCs. But today I'm taking time off to go to the Cabbagetown Art Festival to fill myself with eye candy and go and visit my favourite animals at Riverdale Farm. I'll make Ray bring the camera. Stay tuned for some sheep pics later.......

Again, here we have another spread from Karen's CJ -- the quotation is from Shakespeare..... Katherine said it in Love’s Labor’s Lost. The red seems a lot stronger now that I see it on the computer. The book text is from a children's book about hearts. Speaking of children's books -- I have cartons and cartons of them to get rid of. Does anyone in Toronto need some? Lots of hardcover for ripping up/altering. Hundreds of books are thrown out (recycled) in my school every year because they are outdated, or too worn out to circulate in the library. I have saved lots, but now need to clear them out. Please email me if you want some. I can bring them to my various art club meetings! It's not really feasible for me to mail them -- the cost would be ridiculous -- and not worth it.


Anonymous said...

oooh what a great find....or should I say give away!

Joanne Huffman said...

love the heart, the red, and using the children's book page.

Sharon said...

Hi Martha,
Bet the summer seemed too short and yet it's great to know that someone loves their job and has the opportunity to be creative in it. I would love to have some books. Maybe I could come to the meeting to pick them up. Just let me know the date.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha

I only read this part of your blog now...I would LOVE some books. What ever you could bring to the next ATC meeting would be great!!!

Hope Martin