Thursday, June 07, 2007

Procrastinationg a little bit... woof!

I went here and took a quiz.....
This is what kind of dog I am!

Martha, you're a Collie!

No bones about it, you're a loyal, nurturing Collie. A sensitive breed, you're always approachable and very in tune with others' feelings — just like Lassie! Because of your empathetic nature, you tend to be the group psychologist to your circle of friends. Your faithful, easygoing, steadfast personality makes you a wonderful confidant; people love to come to you with their troubles. Bottom line? You're a star at interpersonal relationships and have a knack for making new friends and acquaintances wherever you go. After all, what's a Collie without a flock to look after? Since you're so giving, your buddies might not realize that you need them just as much as they need you, so make sure not to neglect yours truly. Everyone deserves some "me" time. Woof!


Ruth Rae said...

oh my GAWD!!! you are so a Collie!!!
I can not tell you what kind of dog I am because the site it down... hum? I think I may be a bull dog... what do you think? LOL

Ruth Rae said...

I do not think this is me...

Ruth, you're a Golden Retriever!
No bones about it, you're a popular, fun-loving Golden Retriever. Adored by all and too cool for school, you're extroverted and enthusiastic. Your magnetic personality makes you the life of any bash. Since you're a true people-dog, you genuinely love all kinds of social gatherings. Going to parties, dinners, and other shindigs is the best way to add faces to your constantly growing circle of friends. But besides being on the social A-list, you're a confident, well-rounded pup who's definitely something to bark about. Pretty accomplished at anything you set your mind to, your sunny nature and winning ways make you one of everyone's favorite dogs. Woof!

your collie looked way sexy compared to my golden! that is not fair!