Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birdie Fever !

I participated in Tammie's Birdie Fever Swap. We were to send a pile of birdie themed stuff to a partner. My partner was Kelly Kilmer -- who has to be the most generous person on the planet! And she only grumbled a bit about the ridiculous amount that the post office charged her (USPS has a million different charts and rules. If it seems like it is too much, ask for the lowest, going by surface snail mail rate). Anyway here it is! All of the cool stuff that Kelly sent me! (click on the picture for a better view)

There is a TON of paper, and a birdie rubber stamp cube, ribbon, some fun birdies, some honkin' big paper fasteners ("brads") and the Michelle Ward Clearly Impressed set that I've been coveting. And BEST OF ALL, a journal that Kelly made for me. That's it with the pinky/orange cover with the bird on it. The bad part is that it's too nice to journal in. Hahahahahahaha. Ray said that it was all really "me" and I think that Kelly is a kindred spirit. It's nice having all of those pieces of paper. I think that I'm going to rip all of my big 12x12 papers and larger wrapping papers into smaller pieces, because then they are (mentally) ready to use, and not so covetable and hoardable

And the good news? Round One is finished in the Report Card Corner! I now have to read them over to edit any typos and glaring errors. Then my principal reads them over to find any typos and silly mistakes, and perhaps edits out my personality a bit (the part where it says " XXX must remember that karate moves are for karate class, and not for the kindergarten classroom")( or "YYY must refrain from biting and punching the teacher")(I'm supposed to use teacher jargon like "YYY is encouraged to use her hands for helping"). Anyway, then I get them back, fix the mistakes, print them, sign then, and hand them in again to the Principal who reads them over again to make sure that I was a good girl and fixed my mistakes. The Principal is legally responsible for the report cards, so if I say anything idiotic, she gets blamed.....

I'm doing the happy dance. And Ray, Andy and Lauren will be happy that I will be less crabby.

My art list for this week:
- 25 charms for a swap
- an extraordinary R
- a zetti ornament
- 5 zetti postcards
- Vale's zetti journal spread
- a birdie ATC bag and ATCs
- Else's journal spread

Okay, maybe I'll still be crabby........


uncertainvoyage said...

Yay Martha. Now you can have an art break!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Martha,
Yay! Happy you like the package.
Hey! I made you the journal so that you'd work in it!! Play in it! Have fun in it!!!

a canuck's blog... said...

you are one lucky chick! LOL....

Jacky said...

Love the birdie package - I am suffering birdie envy! Gorgeous stamps (have the GPP ones and LOVE them), the little cube is so sweet. We dont get much in the way of bird stamps over here in Australia, will have to check out more sites.
I am sure you will enjoy "playing" with all of your new goodies.
p.s. Glad you have report cards finished.