Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A 4x4 for Vickie. Some artists are getting together to make a Fatbook for Vickie Mack. She is the owner of BMuse -- and she has been hospitalized since Jan 1 with a brain aneurysm. As far as I know -- her prognosis is good. The pages were supposed to be uplifting. I don't know how uplifting this is, but the sentiment means a lot to me. Thanks for organizing this, Sandee. (this looks really beautiful in person -- there is gold leaf under the angel transparency and it just shimmers in the light!)


Colette said...

I was shocked to hear about Vickie the other day! I know her from Collage Cats and I also order all my ATC cards and envelopes from her.

The page is beautiful. I'm very happy to see you used your favourite girl!

Ruth Rae said...

this is just fantastic! your page is very uplifting!