Wednesday, January 03, 2007


For the next few days I'll be focusing on making charms for a few swaps -- one is Dawn's and the other is Amber Dawn's. I'll likely bring similar ones to ArtFest too. I'm going to start with some little glass vials and put in little "messages" (in many different languages). Then I'm going to wrap the tops with copper wire and age the wire with stinky liver of sulphur. Then I'll hang off some little dangly washer thingys. Wish me luck!
The top photo is my desk with my supplies on it. Okay, this desk is an antique harvest table about 5 1/2 feet long. I work on a space about a foot square. Surrounding me is a mountain of supplies. LOL.
Th bottom photo is my preparation of my papers -- I coat both sides with acrylic medium. It's not quite as durable as a resin (like envirotec). But I plan to seal the vials.


~*Charms 2007*~ said...

What is the collection of rats?
It looks interesting!!!!
Is it a sculpture?

I cannot believe what you wrote about the title of the group.
You are obviously quite creative, and a bit naughty too!

Amber Dawn

Anonymous said...

oh be sure to show us the finished charms!! i'm so curious to see them. :-) Mija