Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 - one little word - hygge

Over the past few years, I have chosen a "word" to exemplify my year. 

This year, I knew the sense of the word that I wanted to use, but I couldn't find a word that embraced it. 
These are some that I considered:
But none of these seemed perfect in themselves ( and I didn't mean "no" to be negative -- it is just a reminder to myself that I have to say no more often -- I do too much and am constantly exhausted - because I am a pleaser and like to say yes to everyone :)

I follow (and read)hundreds of blogs daily/ weekly, and one of my go to bloggers is Holly Becker from Decor8. She is currently living in Germany  and posted about embracing life in a "smaller" way.

She talks about hygge -- a Danish concept of being socially warm and cozy and relaxed. I researched hygge a lot -- and decided that this is what I need. A year of hygge to recharge my batteries :). You say it "huy-guh"

Please see Holly's post here to learn more about hygge.

One of my favourite stores (in London, Ontario ) is called Hyggeligt  a fabric store, of course) ( you can order online and also visit them in Toronto at the CreativFestival.) (they carry Liberty of London fabrics, swoon, among other fabulous lines)

So, have a cozy 2015!

( I am testing a new blogging app  for iPad and iPhone -- BlogGo -- it seems to add photos well, but I have had some problems with interface and stability when I have to leave the post to copy a link -- but at least I can add links! WooHoo!) ( remember, 'save' is always your best friend) 



A bird in the hand said...

I worry about you so hygge is a very good word. hej hej :) xoxoxo

Hope said...

Hiya, Hope here from Viv's Valentine swap. Please shoot me an email so we can get to know each other and exchange addresses. scwk0511(@)yahoo(dot)com.

Joanne Huffman said...

I really like your word! I think it's a very wise choice.

Halle said...

I heard of this Danish concept in a Bible study group a couple years ago but I hadn't remembered the word. Awesome choice!!
I chose FOCUS this year.

Anonymous said...

I likely won'remember the my word for the, instead of nap will be remember.
glad I remembered to tune into destination unknown.