Sunday, November 23, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

I'm trying to find a Christmas tree. An artificial one. A FABULOUS artificial one.

I usually buy a real one, but since I go away for a week or two over the holidays, a real one isn't .... a realistic option anymore.

The tree below is my usual style. I've tried everywhere that I can think of to find something like it, but, sadly, no luck. ( Home Depot, ikea, the Bay, Canadian tire, Target, Michaels, etc, : the small trees are all so tacky)

I need it to be about 4 feet tall. I want to be able to see it in person before I buy it, so online is out.

Does anyone have any idea where I might get one in Toronto?

I would definitely consider a feather tree! But I can't find them here... Has anyone seen one in Toronto?

At this point, I'd also consider a large branch..... Anyone have one of those hanging around their yard?


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