Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Faves Fridays! Colours

I'm going to have a new feature on my blog -- Five Faves Fridays. You can play along on your blog too, or leave me a comment about your favourite things.

First Up -- My five favourite colours. You might think that it is silly to have 5 favourite colours. Doesn't that almost encompass them all? Well... no...

My favourite colours change and evolve. The following colours reflect what I am wearing , and the colours that I love to have in my home.

These are my current five favourite colours:

1. Grey -- I love all greys. I wear them and want to surround myself in greys.

2. Chartreuse. I am a picky green lover. I love the yellowy green of chartreuse. And isn't the name wonderful? I wear it in the summer, and use it as an accent in my home.

3. Brown. I love a deep, rich, chocolate brown to wear and to decorate with. It's going "out" of style a bit, but right now, I'm still loving it.

4. Black. I wear lots of black, and use it as an accent in my home.

5. Whites and naturals -- I love these for my home -- I have a very neutral palette, but I don't wear many whites.

What is your favourite colour? Are your favorites for the home the same as what you wear?


Sharon said...

My 5 fave colours are exactly the same as yours. For the moment. They change as time passes.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

My five at the moment, have to be:
1. Chartreuse
2. Turquoise
3. Grey
5. Black
6. Magenta

I wear and live amongst these colours, but Chartreuse sets me to tingling!

MarissaDW said...

I'm playing along. I miss the Wee Bit Wednesday, so this is great idea! Thanks Martha.

My answers are in my blog.

Happy Friday!

Joanne Huffman said...

I always have difficulty narrowing things down to a favorite, so I think you're smart to make it a list of 5. I have separate favorites for home and personal wear (and an even different list for what I use the most in my art). And, even saying that, I'm reluctant to list specific colors...what if I hurt a color's feelings.

Elizabeth said...

My house is desperately in need of being repainted- stem to stern!! we are still living in the last owners paint- as it was too stressful and too much work to do when we moved in- 5years and counting!!! UGH!!!!
I love warm white- for walls and pale sage green is really growing on me for walls as well.
My favorite colors of flowers int eh garden are white yellow and pink- all in a gamish- together. i love to wear black.

Anonymous said...


I adore charteuse - have it as an accent in my home too, with a gun metal grey sofa.
Hard to find just the "right" shade of chartreuse though.

Thanks for your comment on FB and twitter - my your brave doing twitter. eek! Brain sap.