Monday, August 01, 2011


I'm off today to ArtUnraveled in Phoenix. I can't wait to see my friends!! oh, and to take the classes!

This is the lineup (a bit full, but Maija twisted my arm on a few)
: Bottle Cap Beads (Melissa Manley)
Tues Evening : Dremel Applications - Thomas Ashman
Wed: Wood collage Totems (Karen Michel)(
: Monoprinting on Fabric (Jane Lafazio)
Fri: Sketching and Watercolour for Journals - Pinecones and Pods (Jane Lafazio)
Friday Night : Creativity Exposed (Ruth Rae)
Sun -:Word of Inspiration (Diane Cook)
Mon: A Day to Dye For (Lorri Scott) (actually, Lorri can't travel, so Glennis ? is teaching)
Mon Night: Party Animal (Olivia Thomas)

These are the dear friends who I CAN'T WAIT to see


Ruth:Joanne (who only lives down the highway a bit in Michigan, but I see her more often in Arizona :)

My goal this year?? To take more pictures of my friends!


jocelyn said...

Can't wait to connect on the flipside and see all the results from these great classes. Have Fun Martha!

ludgera said...

Have a great trip. You are keeping busy with these grand line-up of classes. Good luck at the customs.

Joanne Huffman said...

It's ALL good!

A bird in the hand said...

Enjoy yourself. Let's get together when you get back because I want to hear all about it (and get my carving tools back -- hehe!)

Love your pouches btw.


Elizabeth said...

Have a fabulous time !! Big hugs to Ruth and Jane La FAzio- her classes are supposed to be fabulous !! I so envy you!!!!
Do take lots of pictures of friends and projects and we will get the 12 days swap lined up when you get back!!!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

I enjoyed reading through your Art Unraveled posts. Glad for good classes and good friends. Waiting for you to make the trip down the highway again to see Joanne and her art buddies (including me!).