Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Unraveled Day 6

Day 6 was supposed to be a day off :) but Maija talked me into taking a class with Diane Cook. The class was called Words of Inspiration. It was a metal etching class ( which I have done before) and we made beautiful cuffs.

This was my workspace

And my finished piece

I LOVE my cuff! I am so happy that I took this class! thanks Maija!

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Joanne Huffman said...

And it looks even better in person!

jc said...

Another impressive take-home prize! As for Red Canoe #3, it's part of the AWOL Square Foot show on until the end of the month, and all pieces are $200. It's yours for less if it doesn't sell!! Thanks for the encouragement.

Elizabeth said...

I adore your cuff as well!! I have yet to venture into etching but I am anxious to Try!! Did you mention !2 Days exchange to anyone????